Solar 6220-1A - Rent 50 Amp Audio Isolation Transformer

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Audio Isolation Transformer:

  • 100 Watts Max Audio Power (30 Hz to 250 kHz)
  • Max 50 Amps AC or DC w/out Saturation
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-461 CS101/CS109
  • 6220-4A Available for HV Testing to 4kV

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The transformer is capable of handing up to 200 W of audio power into its primary over the frequency range 30 Hz to 250 kHz. The turns ratio provides a two-to-one step down to the special secondary winding. The secondary will handle up to 50 A of AC or DC without saturating the transformer.

Another secondary winding is connected to a pair of binding posts suitable for connecting to AC voltmeter as directed by the applicable EMI specifications. This winding serves to isolate the voltmeter from power ground. Neither the primary nor the secondary windings are connected to the end bells of the core. The transformer may be used as a 4 Ω primary and 1 Ω secondary or 2.4 Ω primary and 0.6 Ω secondary or 2 Ω primary and 0.5 Ω secondary.

Data Sheet6220-1A Application Note


Common Standards

DO 160, Sec 18 & 22; MIL-STD-461 CS101 & CS109


Less than 5 Ω


One-fourth the primary impedance

Frequency response:

30 Hz to 250 kHz

Audio power:

200 W

Secondary saturation:

50 A AC or DC maximum

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