Solar 6220-4A - Rent 50A 4kV Audio Isolation Transformer

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Audio Isolation Transformer:

  • 4000 Volt Audio Transformer
  • Max 50 Amps AC or DC; 100 Watts
  • Similar to 6220-1 with Higher Voltage
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-461 CS101/CS109

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The 6220-4 by Solar Electronics audio isolation transformer allows testing for DO-160 Sec 18,sec 20. The transformer is capable of handing up to 200 W of audio power into its primary over the frequency range 30 Hz to 250 kHz. The turns ratio provides a two-to-one step down to the special secondary winding. The secondary will handle up to 50 A of AC or DC without saturating the transformer.

Another secondary winding is connected to a pair of binding posts suitable for connecting to AC voltmeter as directed by the applicable EMI specifications.The transformer may be used as a 4 Ω primary and 1 Ω secondary or 2.4 Ω primary and 0.6 Ω secondary or 2 Ω primary and 0.5 Ω secondary.

Data Sheet6220 Application Note


Common Standards

DO 160, Sec 18 and 22

Audio Power

200 Watts

Secondary Power

50A, 4kV

Turns Ratio

Two-to-one step down


30Hz to 250KHz


Primary < 5 Ω, Secondary 25% of the primary

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