TekBox TBCG1 - Rent Radiating Comb Generator

Tekbox Radiating Comb Generator:

  • Frequency Range 100MHz-6GHz 
  • Rented with Analyzer and/or Antenna 
  • Ideal for Emissions Setup Verification 
  • Tolerance of +/- 2.5 dB over Range

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The TBCG1 is a radiating comb generator with an internal antenna and a base frequency of 100MHz. It radiates a comb spectrum characterized up to 6GHz. The comb generator is built and characterized to serve as a rough reference for testing radiated noise measurement set ups in anechoic chambers, TEM/GTEM cells, shielded chambers, etc. It is a portable device, powered by a 9V alkaline cell.

Data Sheet


Frequency range: 

2MHz - 6GHz


50 Ohm, SMA

1dB @ 2GHz


3 rd order output @ 2GHz

Δf = 10MHz: +35dBm

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