Tektronix P6015 - Rental High Voltage Probe 20kV

Differential Probe Features:

  • Attenuation settings 1000:1, +/-5%.
  • Recommended for Megapulse Verification 
  • Frequency Range DC - 75 MHz 
  • Input Resistance 100 MegaOhms

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Verification/Monitoring Devices



The P6015 high-voltage probe is a dc-to-75 MHz, 1000x attenuator probe that adds high-voltage capabilities to oscilloscopes with input resistances of 1MegaOhms paralleled by 12pF to 60pF. This probes body is made of high-impact thermoplastic material that provides mechanical protection for its internal components and electrical protection for the user. The probe's dielectric properties can be improved by filling it with fluorocarbon gas.

The standard probe includes a 10-foot interconnecting cable with a resistive center conductor, and the compensating box. The probes and instruments must be used and calibrated at a temperature between 20 degree and 30 degree Celsius.

Data Sheet


Tektronix P6015 Probe


1000:1 +/-5%

Input Resistance

100 MegaOhms

Input Capacitance


Compensation Range

12pF to 60pF

Rise Time

< 4.5 ns


3.5 inch (8.8cm) Max


1.8 lbs (.82kg)

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