Teseq CDN 3153-S63 - Rent 3-Phase CDN NSG 3150

Teseq 3-Phase Mains CDN:

  • Designed for & Rented with Teseq NSG 3150 System
  • Input phase rotation detection (CDN 3153-S63 only)
  • 690 Volts Phase to Phase, 63Amps Max Current
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

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HV Surge Transient Equipment



These CDN 3153-S63 is fully automatic controlled, featuring plug and play technology - just connect them to the NSG 3150 and they will auto-detect and auto-configure at system power-up, available coupling possibilities will show up in respective test windows.

User Manual NSG 3150 Test System


Technical specifications


Voltage ratings​: 400 VAC - phase to neutral or phase to ground
690 VAC - phase(s) to phase(s)

up to 1000 VDC - full current range (only with optional INA 3151-63)

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