Trek Model 520 - Rent Electrostatic (ESD) Non-contacting Voltmeter

Trek ESD Voltmeter:

  • Designed Measurement of Surface Voltage
  • Measure Range 0 to +/- 2kV
  • Non-contacting Electrostatic Voltmeter
  • Hand-held Filed-meter for many Applications

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The Trek Model 520 (±2kV) Hand-Held Electrostatic Voltmeters provide accurate, noncontacting measurements of electrostatic surface voltage for ESD applications in either ionized or non-ionized environments. These are an ideal solution for when quick voltage measurements are required, allowing for a more cost effective solution then an oscilloscope. Model 520 is available in two versions. The 520-1 has a digital meter to display the measured voltage. The 520-2 has an analog output monitor in addition to the digital display.

Data Sheet



  Measurement Range

 DC 0 ± 2kV

  Voltage Monitor Accuracy


  Voltage Display Accuracy


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