AE Techron 3110A - Rent LF Waveform Sequence Generator

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Standards Waveform Generator:

  • Easiest-to-use LF Wave Sequence Generator
  • 1500 Programmed Automotive & Aviation Tests 
  • Increased Efficiency by Semi-automatic Calibration Routines
  • Easy to Modify Included Waveform Sequences
  • Includes Monitor & Accessories Required for Operation

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Video Guide & Overview

AE Techron 3110A Waveform Generator & 7224 Amplifier

This video provides information on the AE Techron 3110A and 7234 power amplifier including integration and using software.

System Overview

AE Techron 3110A overview

Data Sheet User Manual Test Routines


AE Techron’s 3110A is a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator. It has been designed to be used quickly and easily with other AE Techron products to create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions.

The 3110A outputs a standard analog signal that can work with any AE Techron amplifier or other LF amplifiers that you already have. It has a scalable output, so the values entered in the 3110A interface will result in your desired system output. When coupled with the AE Techron model 7228 amplifier, the 3110A can create virtually all waveforms, DC offsets, dropouts and surges needed for EMC tests with rise/ fall times of 1 μs or greater and frequencies from DC to 1 MHz.

The 3110A software is built around the simple concept of a waveform segment. Each waveform segment can have a unique waveform, (sine, square, triangle, and/or DC offset). Frequency, amplitude and DC offset can be clipped, fixed, variable or swept. Segments can be calibrated (as required in CS101) and set to continue on to the next segment or to hold for an external trigger. Individual segments can be as short as 50 μs or as long as 144 hours.

An extensive library of 1500+ tests for many automotive, aviation and industry Standards makes it possible for the 3110A to save time from day one. And, for customers that require over-testing or testing for products that have no predefined standard, tests from the Standards Library can be easily modified and saved for later use.


Technical Details - Hardware:

Output channels:


Output Voltage:

10 Vpk

Signal Generation:


18 bit

DC – 20 kHz (any wave form)

1 µs rise time


14 bit

DC – 300 kHz

400 Msps

0.01 Hz frequency resolution or better

0.002° phase granularity


76 µV resolution


Stability: ±50 ppm

Accuracy: ±0.1%

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