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AE Techron 7224 - Front
AE Techron 7224 - Linear Power Amplifier Overview
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AE Techron 7224

Rent 900VA Linear Power Amplifier
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  • Up to 900 Watts RMS Power Output
  • Small Signal Response up to 1 MHz
  • Stable when Driving Highly Capacitive Loads
  • Four-quadrant operation
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AE Techron’s 7234 amplifier is a capable, versatile, and reliable EMC lab partner. This powerful amplifier/battery simulator provides up to 28A of long-term DC current with surges of up to 50A and can slew voltages at rates of up to 100+ V/µs.

It is load-tolerant, able to drive most inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads easily. The feature set of the 7234 allows it to meet or exceed the requirements of 1000+ Automotive and Aviation DC Conducted Susceptibility Standards Tests.

The 7234 is light enough to be hand-carried from one test location to another, rugged enough to tolerate being bounced around on a cart, and able to be powered from standard 120V/230V AC wall power. These features, along with the 7234's powerful performance, make it possible to turn virtually any bench or desk into a competent test location.

AC Power (up to 20 kHz):
900 watts RMS
Small Signal (8V p-p):
600 kHz
For High-Power Applications to:
150 kHz
DC Power:
16A at 13.5 VDC
40 mS Pulse (0.5?):
50 Ap
Slew Rate:
75 V/u
Output Voltage:
150+/- Vp
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AE Techron 7224 Linear Power Amplifier Overview
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