AE Techron 7224 - Rent 900VA Linear Power Amplifier

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Audio-bandwidth Power Amplifier:

  • Up to 900 Watts RMS Power Output
  • Small Signal Response up to 1 MHz
  • Four-quadrant Operation - AC & DC Source
  • Drop Outs and Surges as Fast as 1.2µs
  • Waveform Generator & Transformers Available


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Video Guide & Overview

AE Techron 7224 Amplifier & 3110A Waveform Generator

This video provides information on the AE Techron 3110A and 7234 power amplifier including integration and using software.

System Overview

AE Techron 7224 Overview Image

Data Sheet User Manual


AE Techron’s 7234 amplifier is a capable, versatile, and reliable EMC lab partner. This powerful amplifier/battery simulator provides up to 28A of long-term DC current with surges of up to 50A and can slew voltages at rates of up to 100+ V/µs.

It is load-tolerant, able to drive most inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads easily. The feature set of the 7234 allows it to meet or exceed the requirements of 1000+ Automotive and Aviation DC Conducted Susceptibility Standards Tests.

The 7234 is light enough to be hand-carried from one test location to another, rugged enough to tolerate being bounced around on a cart, and able to be powered from standard 120V/230V AC wall power. These features, along with the 7234's powerful performance, make it possible to turn virtually any bench or desk into a competent test location.


Performance Overview:

AC Power (up to 20 kHz):

900 watts RMS

Small Signal (8V p-p):

600 kHz

For High-Power Applications to:

150 kHz

DC Power:

16A at 13.5 VDC

40 mS Pulse (0.5Ω):

50 Ap

Slew Rate:

75 V/µ

Output Voltage:

±150 Vp

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