EMC Partner TRA3000 C - Rent IEC 61000-4-16 Test System

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EMC Partner Common Mode System:

  • Frequency Sweep, Short, & Long Capabilities
  • Based on EMC Partner TRA3000 System 
  • Rental Coupling Networks Available  
  • Includes Laptop with Software Installed
  • Current ISO 17025 Calibration with Data

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Common Mode Test Equipment

EMC Partner Video & System Overview

EMC Partner TRA3000  

This video by HVT shows how to setup the EMC Partner TRA3000 with communication via a control PC.

System Overview

TRA 30000 C Common mode system overview

Data SheetUser Manual


The EMC Partner TRA3000 C provides frequency sweep, short, and long test according to IEC 61000-4-16 based on the TRA3000 transient generator. This system is a combination of the transient generator, EXT-IMU C-Short, PS3 supply, coupled with associated network. The test system includes a laptop with corresponding software to allowing for remote control and expedited testing procedures.


Common Standards

IEC 61000-4-16, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5

Integrated CDN:


  AC Voltage and Current 

300V/16A; 50 to 400Hz

  DC Voltage and Current


Common Mode Test:



EN IEC 61000-4-16 Continuous and Short Duration Test

Continuous Duration Test


Source Impedance

50 ohms

DC Switching Time


Power Frequency Tests

DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz

Power Harmonics Tests

15Hz up to 150kHz

Sweep Time

1 decade/minute

Short Duration Test Level

0 – 300Vrms

EFT Burst 5/50 ns:



EN/IEC 61000-4-4, and EN 61000-6-1,-6-2, CEMark

  Voltage Waveform into 50Ω load

5ns Rise Time ±30%,  50µs pulse width ±30%

  Voltage Waveform into 1000Ω load

5ns Rise Time ±30%,  50µs pulse width ±30%

  Voltage Amplitude

250-4,400V ±10%, 125V-2,200V ±10% into 50Ω

  Burst Duration  

td = 0.10ms – 30ms

  Burst Period

tr = 1ms – 1,000ms


f = 0.1kHz - 1,000kHz

Combination Wave Surge:



EN/IEC 61000-4-5 , EN 61000-6-1, -6-2, CEMark

  Open Circuit Voltage Waveform

250V – 4,100V, Front Time1.2us ±30%, 50µs Duration ± 20%

  Short Circuit Current Waveform

125A- 2050A, 8µ Front Time ±20%, 20µs Duration ±20%

  Peak Open Circuit Voltage

250V–4100V ±10%

  Peak Short Circuit Current

125A–2050A ±10%@2Ω, 20.8-500A ±10%@12Ω

  Pulse Repetition Rate

MAX. 1Hz (1s – 999s)

Peak Voltage and Current Monitoring

5,000V, 2,500A in the LCD Display

Monitoring of EUT voltage and current

Built-in 100:1 voltage measurement

10mV/A, max. 1,000A

Dips and Interrupts:



EN IEC 61000-4-11 EN 61000-6-1, -6-2, CEMark

Nominal current

6 Amps Max.

Interruption Time

50µs up to 30s

Phase angle interruption

0 to 360 degrees

Rise/ Fall Time

1 to 5µs


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