EM Test UCS 200N50

Rent Transient Generator 50 Amp CDN
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  • Micropulse Generator for ISO, JASO, & SAE
  • ISO 7637-2 Pulses 1, 2a, 3a, & 3b
  • Built-in CDN Max 80 Volts 50 Amps
  • Battery Switch & Overcurrent Protection
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Included Accessories

  • Automotive EFT Generator 
  • Power Cable
  • Printed Manual
  • Calibration Documentation 
  • Software License
  • (4)Recessed Banana Jack Cords with Clips 
  • ISO.control Software on USB Stick
  • USB Cable
  • (4) MC Connectors
  • Pelican Case
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The UCS 200N Ultra-Compact Simulator series for Automotive Transients unifies the capabilites of an EFT/Burst simualtor, a Micropulse simulator and the required coupling network into one box. The UCS 200N series is equiped to meet all international and car manufacturer specifications from around the globe. The built-in coupling network ranges up to 200A depending on the model. The built-in coupling network can be used and controlled by any unit of the LD 200N series, VDS 200N series and PFS 200N series. For tests beyond standard's requirements the waveform parameters of the Micropulse generator can be varied in a wide range by means of the FreeStyle mode.


Never before an Ultra-Compact Simulator for automotive transient testing like the UCS 200N series was available. All international standards and most car manufacturer requirements have been put into one box. All pulses are fully compliant to the specifications. Even more, the waveform parameters for micropulses can be varied in order to test with pulses beyond any standard specification.

The UCS 200N series is the heart of the redesigned EM TEST Automotive test set-up having the ability to control any external EM TEST Load Dump and Battery Supply simulator. The built-in coupling network for nominal DC currents of up to 200A forms the single-port DUT connection for fully automated tests. The software iso.control with its extensive standards library put this test equipment to the top with almost unlimited test capabilities

Built in Coupler
80V, up to 50 amps, 100 amps for 500ms
ISO 7637 Waveforms
Burst Tests
ISO 7637 waveforms 3a,3b and others
Test Voltage
25V to 1000V +/- 10%
Rise Time
5ns +/- 1.5ns
Pulse Duration
150ns +/- 45ns
Source Impedance
Zq = 50 ohm
Trigger of bursts
Automatic, manual, external
Burst duration
T4 = 0.1ms - 999.9ms
Repetition Rate
T5 = 10ms - 9,999ms
Spike Frequency
F = 0.1kHz - 200kHz
Test Duration
T = 0:01min - 999:59min
T > 999:59 Endless
Micropulse Test
ISO 7637 waveforms 1,2a,6 and others
Test Voltage
U = 20V - 600V� +/- 10%
(Peak voltage and polarity as per selected standard)
Repetition Rate
0.2s - 99.0s
Free Style
Rise Time
1us - 10us in steps of 1 us
Pulse Duration
50us - 10,000us
Internal Resistance
2 ohm - 100 ohm in steps of 5 ohm;
200 ohm, 400 ohm and 450 ohm
20kg (44.09lbs)
19 Inch/3HU
Video Guides
Introduction to UCS 200Nxx2 & ISO 7637-2
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