Teseq NSG 1007-5 - Rent 5kVA AC/DC Supply

Teseq 5kVA AC/DC Power Supply:

  • Single Phase High Effeciency AC/DC Supply 
  • AC Voltage 300V & DC Voltage 400V
  • Frequency Range 16Hz - 1kHz
  • Low Harmonics Distortion & Noise
  • Designed for use with ProfLine Test System


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Easy to use controls:

The NSG 1007 series sources are microprocessor controlled and can be operated from an easy to use front panel keypad. Functions are grouped logically and are directly accessible from the keypad. This eliminates the need to search through various levels of menus and/or soft keys. A large analogue control knob can be used to quickly slew output parameters. This knob is controlled by a dynamic rate change algorithm that combines the benefi ts of precise control over small parameter changes with quick sweeps through the entire range.

Integrated system:

By combining a fl exible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the Teseq NSG 1007 sources are capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple instruments.

High crest factor

With a crest factor of up to 5:1, the NSG 1007 series sources can drive diffi cult nonlinear loads with ease. Since many modern products use switching power supplies, they have a tendency to draw high repetitive peak currents. The Teseq sources can deliver a repetitive peak current of up to 3 times their rated continuous current.


With precise output regulation and accuracy, the sources address many application areas for AC and DC power testing. They provide a high load current capability, multi or single phase output modes, and built-in power analyzer measurements. Additional features including line distortion simulation (LDS), arbitrary waveform generation, and programmable output impedance address requirements for product quality and regulatory compliance testing.

Data Sheet User Manual


Total Power 

5000 VA


 Range: 16.00-1000 Hz

Load Power Factor

0 to unity at full output VA

 Voltage Ranges (AC) 

V Low - 0-150V

V High 0-300V

Output Noise (20 kHz to 1 MHz

< 250 mVrms typ., < 500 mVrms max

Harmonic Distortion (Linear)

< 1% from 16 - 66 Hz, < 2% at 400 Hz, < 3% at 800 Hz (Full resistive load)


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