EM Test CNI 508N2

Rent Communication Line Coupler 1GBIT/S
  • CDN for Shielded & Unshielded Data Lines
  • Maximum 3 kV Surge & 4 kV EFT/Burst
  • Compatible to PoE and PoE+ requirements
  • DUT/AE connection via RJ45 connectors
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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The CNI 508N2 from AMETEK CTS is the first coupling/decoupling network available on the market to couple Surge onto shielded and unshielded high-speed communication lines with data rates up to 1,000MBit/s. Additionally, the CNI 508N2 can be used as a coupling/decoupling network to apply Burst- as well as Surge pulses to unshielded symmetrical interconnection lines. The CNI 508 N2 meets the requirements according Figure 11 and Figure 12 to the standards IEC 61000-4-5 (Ed. 3.0 :2014).

The CNI 508N2 is specially designed for the testing of high-speed communication lines. It allows data transfers up to 1,000 Mbit / s without affecting the signal. It also supports PoE and PoE + standard requirements as per IEEE 802.3af-2003 and IEEE 802.3at-2009.

The CNI 508N2 includes two surge pulse inputs. One for the direct coupling to lines and one for coupling to the cable shield (see tests to shielded cables as per IEC 61000-4-5).

Surge Test Mode:
Coupling mode
shielded and unshielded cable with up to 4 pairs
Test voltage
Max. 3kV* (1.2/50us) (* only with connected RJ45 connector; if left open the max. test voltage is limited to 1.5kV
Residual voltage
Max. 50V @3kV Surge, line - PE
Burst Test Mode:
Coupling mode
shielded cable with up to 4 pairs
Test voltage
Max. 4kV* (5/50ns) (* only with connected RJ45 connector; if left open the max. test voltage is limited to 1.5kV)
Residual voltage line - PE
Max. 40V @2kV Burst,
Max. 60V @4kV Burst
Telecom Line Specifications
RJ45 female connectors for telecom lines
Terminal layout
Pair 1: pins 1/2
Pair 2: pins 3/6
Pair 3: pins 4/5
Pair 4: pins 7/8
Data rate
up to 1,000MBit/s
+- 60V between two pairs
Operating voltage
max. 57VDC
Operating current
max. 1A
Surge shield
SHV connector
Surge unshielded
SHV connector
SHV connector
General Data:
270mm x 110mm x 140mm (LxWxH)
5�C - 40�C (operation)
Rel. humidity
10% - 90%, non condensing
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