Teseq CDN 117A

Rent 4 Line Unsymmetrical Surge CDN
  • CDN for 4 Unshielded Unsymmetrical Lines
  • Coupler for Surge & Ringwave Transients
  • Maximum Impulse Voltage 4.8 kV
  • Model: CDN 117A-C4-4-1
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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Teseq’s CDN 117 coupling-decoupling network is designed for convenient surge testing of telecommunications equipment to IEC/EN 61000-4-5, which specifies a 1.2/50 μs or a 10/700 μs pulse. It includes the special decoupling network and coupling elements that are required for these tests.  The design of the CDN is given in IEC 61000-4-5 Ed.3 Figure 10 and A.4. It can be easily interfaced with the EUT and is designed as a bench top unit. It can be used with Teseq’s NSG series or any industry standard surge generator with the appropriate connector adapter.

The user can manually select coupling modes by connecting the generator’s output to the appropriate input. All coupling methods described in the standard can be configured with the CDN 117. Two CDN 117 main units can be arranged in parallel for testing eight line applications (low speed transmission only). 

Max. operating voltage:
AC 250 V
DC 250 V
Max. operating current:
0.5 A
Ohmic resistance per path:
3 Ohms
Decoupling chokes 1 kHz:
20 mH nominal
Transmission 3 dB BW:
250 kHz
Symmetrical stray inductance:
approx. 50 uH (pair, @1 kHz)
4 mm safety banana
1.2/50 ?s and 10/700 ?s pulse
Max. pulse voltage:
6.6 kV line to ground, 3 kV line to line
Min. generator impedance:
2 Ohms for 1.2/50 ?s, 15 Ohms for 10/700 ?s
Series resistor:
in relation to the selected pulse coupling network
Max. pulse frequency:
3 per minute
Fischer 103
Size (W x H x D) in mm:
335 x 232 x 180
approx. 19.5 kg
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