EMC Partner AVI-LV3

Rent MIL-STD & DO-160 Level 3 Generator
  • RTCA/DO-160 Section 22, Level 3 & CS117 Lvl.1 
  • Capabilities for Testing Waveforms 1 - 6 
  • Includes CN-BT7 Injection Probe & TEMA3000 Software
  • Newest Model of AVI Lightning Test Systems
  • Differential & Current Monitoring Probes Included

Included Accessories

  • Test System & CN-BT7
  • Shuntoe1 & Filter WF2 DO-160
  • Person 110 & CT 3681 Differential Probe
  • MIG Auxiliary & Printed Manual
  • Software W/ Access Code TEMA3000
  • SHV to SHV cable M-M 1 Meter & 2 Meters
  • U Shaped Jumper Black (attached on CN-BT7)
  • Ethernet Cable & Power Cord
  • (3) Banana Jack Cables 2m.
  • (2) Banana Jack Cable
  • (2) Probe Adapters
  • Shipping Case
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Indirect lightning impulses for PIN injection, cable induction and ground injection. Single stroke, multiple stroke and multiple burst events. DO-160 & EUROCAE ED 14 level 3 and MIL-STD-461 internal level events.

AVI-LV3 is the latest evolution from a long line of highly successful indirect lightning generators. Offering state-of-the-art technology and incorporating over 25 years experience, AVI-LV3 is the most compact fully compliant test solution for DO-160, EUROCAE ED14 and MIL-STD-461. Level 3 / internal test levels are achieved under all load conditions using a single coupler.

Waveforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A and 6 can be applied as PIN injection, single stroke and multiple stroke events as appropriate. Test routines are easily programmed on the AVI-LV3 colour touch panel. graphic and pop-up help features guide the user during test setup. The single turn large aperture coupler simplifies the test setup and helps eliminate errors. Complimented by the TEMA3000 software suite, AVI-LV3 is truly remarkable and deserves the accolade best in class

Pin Injection, Cable Bundle, Ground Injection
V/I Ranges for Single Pulse, Multiple Pulses and Burst. Pin injection probe and BCI probe included
Electronic Polarity Change
Variable Pulse Attenuation
Subsequent stroke amplitude variable as percentage of first stroke amplitude
Phase Angle
Synchronization to 800 Hz
Built-in AC/DC de-couplers for pin injection
Coupler CN-BT7
Injection probe for waveforms 1,2,3,5A,6
Up to 7cm diameter cables can be passed through the coupler.
DO 160 PIN Injection
WF3, WF4, WF5
WF3 - 1MHz
100V up to 750V / 30A (25 Ohms)
WF4 - 6.4/69us
50V up to 500V / 100A (5 Ohms)
WF5A - 40/120us
50V up to 500V / 500A (1 Ohm)
DO 160 Single Stroke
WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4 & WF5A
WF1 - 6.4/69us
25A up to 900A
WF2 - 0.1/6.4us
25V up to 1600V
WF3 -�1MHz
50V up to 1900V
WF3 - 10MHz
50V up to 1100V
WF4 - 6.4/69us
10V up to 1600V
WF5A - 40/120us
30A up to 1800A
DO-160 & MIL-STD-461G Multiple Stroke
WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4 & WF5A
WF1 - 6.4/69us
25A up to 900A
WF2 - 0.1/6.4us
25V up to 600V
WF3 - 1MHz
50V up to 1900V
WF3 - 10MHz
50V up to 1100V
WF4 - 6.4/69us
10V up to 800V
WF5A - 40/120us
30A up to 1800A
Subsequent Stroke Level
3% up to 100% (depending on first stroke amplitude)
Pulse spacing
10ms up to 500ms
0.01 up to 2s
2 up to 999s
Maximum pulses
30 every 2s
Multiple stroke pattern
DO-160 Random and user programmable
User programmable pulse spacing
10ms up to 400ms
User programmable duration
20ms up to 1000ms
User programmable max. pulses / event
DO-160 & MIL-STD-461G Multiple Burst
WF3 & WF6
50V up to 700V
50V up to 800V
2.5A up to 75A
Burst pattern DO-160
1 burst of 20 pulses 3 repetitions
Pulse spacing
50us up to 1000us
Burst repetition
30ms up to 300ms
User programmable pulse spacing
50us up to 50000us
User programmable burst length
1ms up to 3000ms
WF3 spikes per 2s period
WF6 spikes per 2s period
20 x 18 x 15 inches, 50.8 x 40.72 x 38.10 cm
110 lbs, 50 kg
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AVI-LV3 Indirect Lightning Generator
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