EMC Partner IMU-MGS - Rent 4kV Surge & EFT Generator

EMC Parnter Transient Generator:

  • 4.1kV Surge & 4.4kV EFT/Burst Generator 
  • Built-in CDN: 300 Volts 16 Amps AC & DC
  • Model: IMU-MGS F4-S4-P
  • Includes Laptop with TEMA3000 Software 
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time


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This video provides an overview on the EMC Partner IMU-MGS including connections on the front and back of the unit. It also spends time walking through the control software from EMC Partner using the IMU-MGS.

Data Sheet


Modular test system with colour touch screen and intuitive software. An integrated help with graphics guide the user through fast and efficient setup and operation. The system is used for CE mark testing in the European Union. Each system can be individually configured and easily extended. 10 modules are available for the IMU-MGS. All modules are easily added or removed by the user on-site.

The generator can be configured for IEC / EN and also ANSI test requirements. ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests for Surge up to 5kV and EFT up to 5kV are freely configurable by the user. IMU-MGS is programmed with default parameters from the IEC basic standards. A test library including basic and generic requirements is also included in the IMU-MGS.


Common Standards

EN/IEC 61000-4-4 & EN/IEC 61000-4-5

IMU-MGS Mainframe


EUT power input 1 (CDN)

max. AC/DC 300V, 16A (fused 16A) with P module

EUT power input 2 (CDN)

max. AC/DC 300V, 16A (not fused) with P module

Internal CDN freq. range

DC, 50 Hz, 60 H

Power freq. synchr

50/60 Hz

Coupling Burst

L, N, PE, L+N, L+PE, N+PE, L+N+PE, direct out

Coupling Surge

2 Ω: L-N, direct out, 12 Ω: L-PE, N-PE

IMU-MGS Control Features

Operating system

 EPOS propietary firmware

EUT power monitor

supply voltage, current and freq. on screen

EUT supply current waveform

monitoring BNC output connector max. 15 V

EUT supply voltage waveform

monitoring BNC output connector max. 15 V

Surge voltage waveform

monitoring BNC output connector max. 15 V

Surge current waveform

monitoring BNC output connector max. 15 V

Trigger out

BNC connector, max. 6 V

Trigger in

auto, manual or via programmable BNC

Synchronization source

 EUT power, direct out, external


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