Haefely AXOS5

Rent 5 kV Surge & EFT Generator
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  • 5 kV Surge & EFT Immunity Test System
  • Built-in CDN Max 264 V/16 A AC or 220 V/10 A DC
  • Capabilities for Voltage Dips Testing with DIP 116
  • Front Panel Voltage & Current Monitoring Ports
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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Included Accessories

  • Generator s/n
  • Printed User Manual
  • Calibration Documentation
  • Power Cord
  • EUT IN Power Cord with MC Connectors
  • EUT OUT Power Cord with MC Connectors
  • SHV to SHV Cord
  • BNC to BNC Cord
  • (4) MC Connectors
  • (4) 25cm Purple, Black, Blue, Yellow Patch Cords with MC Connectors 
  • Wing Nut (attached to ground terminal)
  • Red Wire Jumper (4-5) Aux 
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Shipping Case
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Welcome to the unique design and concept of modularity designed by HAEFELY.

HAEFELY is recognizing an increasing interest in testing departments to configure the required functions in compact immunity test systems more flexible than ever. For that reason HAEFELY designed a unique concept of modularity which eviscerates large additional investments for customers in the future.

Moreover, constantly reduced product development times call for powerful, easy-to- operate and ready-touse conducted immunity test systems which can be expanded in a multitude of different test applications. Customer requirements, particularly in the telecommunications and industrial electronics sector, emphasize a test system‘s accuracy and modularity, thus clearly pointing to easy to expand T&M equipment that is favourably priced and suitable for most of industries.

The new AXOS series has been tailored to exactly meet these requirements, offering special cost advantages for T&M applications in the development, production and servicing of telecommunications, components as well as safety and industrial electronics.

All AXOS test systems come equipped with all the hardware needed for instant upgrades by only entering optional key codes into the licence code manager of the unit. After entering the key code(s) the additional test functionalities like Surge Combination Wave, Ring Wave, Telecom Wave, EFT/Burst or Voltage Dips and Interrupts become available immediately. No direct intervention has to be done by the user at all. 

CDN Inputs
Banana socket front panel 5 connectors
CDN Outputs
Banana socket front panel 5 connectors
EFT / Burst, Surge Combination Wave, Ring Wave
Maximum EFT / Burst Input Voltage
5 kV
Maximum Surge Combination Wave Input Voltage
7 kV
Maximum Ringwave Input Voltage
7 kV
Coupling Path Selection
Automatic IEC + ANSI
10 V to 480 V input voltage, 0 to 359 degrees, step 1 degree
Sync. On coupling path, output BNC rear panel
Voltage AC
Up to 480 V AC 16.7 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Voltage DC
Up to 480 V DC
Nominal Current
32 A
EFT / Burst Input Voltage Range
0.2 kV to 5 kV
Surge Combination Wave Input Voltage Range
0.2 kV to 7 kV
Ring Wave Input Voltage Range
0.2 kV to 7 kV
Coupling Path Selection
10 V to 480 V input voltage, 0 to 359 degrees, step 1 degree
Extension Connector (37 pol. Sub-D connector)
Warning on AXOS Display
Indication of coupling path Power ON LED CDN active LED
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