EMC Partner TRA3000 C  - Front with Laptop
EMC Partner TRA3000 C  - Front
EMC Partner TRA3000 C  - Side Above
EMC Partner TRA3000 C  - Front Top

EMC Partner TRA3000 C

Rent Common Mode Test System
  • Frequency Sweep, Short, & Long Capabilities
  • Laptop with TRA3000 Included with System
  • Includes EMC Partner P3 & EXT-IMU C-SHORT
  • Data and Power Line Couplers Available
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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The EMC Partner TRA3000 C provides frequency sweep, short, and long test according to IEC 61000-4-16 based on the TRA3000 transient generator. This system is a combination of the transient generator, EXT-IMU C-Short, PS3 supply, coupled with associated network. The test system includes a laptop with corresponding software to allowing for remote control and expedited testing procedures.

TRA3000 Base:
Supply voltage range
80 to 260V / 50Hz & 60Hz
Standby current
Internal CDN voltage rating
280Vac & 110Vdc
Internal CDN current rating
16Aac & 16Adc
Internal CDN frequency range
50 to 400Hz
Power frequency synchronisation
16Hz up to 400Hz
Coupling path selection EFT
L, N, PE, L+N, L+PE, N+PE, L+N+ PE
Coupling path selection surge
L - N, L - PE, N - PE
Internal web server
Communication Interfaces
Ethernet, USB & RS232
Accessory control interface
Atmospheric measurement
Temperature & Humidity
Test report format
PS3 control
DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz
EUT Power monitor
10V = 400Vac
Surge voltage monitor
10V = 4kV
Surge current monitor
10V = 2kA
BNC maximum 12V
Trigger mode
Auto, manual
Synchro source
Power, external
Power synchro on/off
0 - 360 Degrees
Power switching before / after test
0 up to 60min
Common Mode:
Long Duration Voltage Tests
up to 35Vrms
Voltage setting range
0.1 to 35V
Source Impedance
Sync turn on for AC
0 degree
DC switching time
1 up to 5�s
Power frequency tests
DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz & 60Hz
Power harmonic tests
1Hz up to 150kHz
Sweep time
1 decade / 10 up to 1000s
Step size
2 up to 10%
Short duration tests (with accessories)
up to 300Vrms