NSG 438 Auto Rent & Buy New - Teseq Automotive ESD Gun

Teseq 30kV Premier Automotive Simulator:

  • 30kV Air Discharge & Contact Discharge (100V Steps)
  • Base Station Battery, Simple, and Mobile ESD Tester
  • Compliant ISO 10605 & IEC 61000-4-2 (4 Networks)
  • Optional Charge Removal Feature Available
  • Rentals - Current ISO 17025 Calibrations Included

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NSG 438 Testing Accessories



The NSG 438-auto, provides testing capabilities up to 30kV with easy to use and ergonomic design for a broad range of automotive standards. Transient Specialists is the only authorized sale partner of Teseq ESD simulators in the United States. All of our automotive electrostatic discharge equipment comes with  A2LA accredited calibrations. This ESD Gun system comes with 150pF/330Ω, 330pF/330Ω, 150pF/2kΩ, and 330pF/2kΩ discharge networks.

This test equipment color touch screen allows modification many parameters including polarity selection, pulse repetition, counter functions, and discharge network detection. This Teseq product is unique in offering an activity log where the number and type of simulations can be verified by time frame and standard. It comes with discharge pistol, cradle for discharge pistol, high voltage base unit and battery pack, and many other accessories.

This pulse generator through the screen offers selectable language options, for convenience and world wide use.  We also rent and sell a variety of other Teseq products including the NSG 435 and NSG 437 providing solutions for a large spectrum of electrostatic discharge testing. For exclusively 30kV testing with the standard 150pF/330Ω network for IEC 61000-4-2 we offer the NSG 438A. 

Data SheetUser ManualTeseq - ESD Brochure 


Common Standards

IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16, ISO 10605, SAE J1113, FMC 1278, GMW 3097

Basic set:          

Carrying case with: discharge pistol, cradle for discharge pistol, high voltage base unit with built-in battery pack, mains adapter and battery charging unit (100 to 250 VAC), discharge network 150 pF / 330 Ω, air- and contact-discharge tips, grounding cable, user manual, 25 mm discharge sphere

Discharge voltage:

Air-discharge: 200 V to 30 kV (in 100 V steps) Contact-discharge: 200 V to 30 kV (in 100 V steps)

RC Networks

150pF/330Ω, 330pF/330Ω, 150pF/2kΩ, and 330pF/2kΩ


Positive / negative / automatic change

Discharge tips:

Ball and point as per IEC and specials, exchangeable by threaded cap

Holding time:

> 5 s (charging voltage +5%)


Discharge pistol (w / o cable): 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) approx.

Base unit: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) approx.

All Accessories

Common Testing Accessories NSG 437/NSG 438 ESD Simulator:

INA/Item # Description


Air Discharge Tip


Contact Discharge Tip

INA 4414

Air discharge ball (Discharge sphere). 25 mm diameter test tip adapter to be fixed on 8 mm air discharge test finger

INA 4421 Tripod support for NSG 437, 438. To adapt NSG 437 or 438 pistols to classics tripods as generally used for cameras. (tripod not included)

INA 4430

Charge remover (for NSG 438 and NSG 439 series only)

INA 4421

Fast risetime test tip. Where the rise time of 0,8 ns specified in most standards represents more than 80% of real cases.

INA 4415

Flexible tip set. Where the application makes access of EUT discharge point difficult.

INA 4416

Soft touch contact tip. Very convenient adapter tip to test connector pins.

INA 4417

Banana contact tip. To adapt to 4 mm banana plugs.

INA 4418

Banana fastrisetime tip. To adapt to 4 mm banana plugs.

INA 4420

H-field adapter


NSG 435 Casing - housing left and right side

INA 4423

Carry case for NSG 437/438. Includes foam with professional cut outs for NSG 437, 438 and accessories.



General ESD Testing Accessories:

INA/ITEM # Description
MD 102 MD 102A Calibration target as per IEC 61000-4-2 with 2ohm for calibration/verification 
INA 414-2M Bleeder resistor cable (2x470 kOhms) - Length 2 meters
INA 414

Bleeder resistor cable (2x470 kOhms) - Length 80 cm

INA 102A 50 Ohm Calibration adapter for MD 102
INA 417B Opto-link to a PC with 10 m opto-cable



Teseq: ESD Generators 


Description: This video provides an overview of the Teseq NSG 438 (A Auto) ESD Simulator. This video includes additional functionality beyond standard NSG 438 with Charge remover (A distinction), and Auto (Automotive RC networks). It offers and overview on how you will receive the ESD Gun when purchasing it or renting it. The video goes into detail on removing discharge tips, connections, and setup of the simulator.

Teseq: NSG series of Simulators


Description: This video made by Teseq, formerly Schaffner, offer a video guide for the NSG series of simulators,

which include the NSG 435, NSG 437, NSG 438, and NSG 439. This video is a brief overview of each ESD Gun/test system.

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