Rigol NFP-3 Series Probes - Rent Near Field Probe Set

Rigol NFP-3 Near Filed Probes:

  • 30MHz to 3GHz Frequency Range 
  • Rented with RIgol Spectrum Analyzer
  • Set includes P1-P4 Series Probes
  • Easy to Connect with SMB Connector

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NFP-3 is used with RIGOL DSA series spectrum analyzer for the EMI tests of electronic products. It can be used to test the magnetic field strength and magnetic field coupling channels on the surface of the electronic components as well as the magnetic field environment near the electronic module so as to quickly locate the interference source. NFP-3 includes four models (NFP-3-P1, NFP-3-P2, NFP-3-P3 and NFP-3-P4).

Data Sheet


Frequency Range

30 MHz to 3 GHz

Terminal Type



N (M)-BNC (F)

RF Cable

BNC (M)-SMB (F), 1000 mm

Terminal and Adaptor Impedance

 50 Ω

Dimensions 260 mm × 190 mm × 30 mm (with package)


0.425 kg (with package)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 50 ℃

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