TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Rental Emissions Antenna

TekBox Pre-compliance Antenna:

  • 30MHz 1000 MHz Biconical Measurement Antenna
  • Small, Lightweight Device, & Includes Tripod
  • Ideal for Pre-Compliance with Near Field Probes
  • Max Continuous RF Input Power: 2 Watts 
  • Easy to Mount with Standard ¼" Thread

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Emissions Test Equipment



The TBMA1 is a small, lightweight, wideband biconical measurement antenna. With its moderate price, it is targeting radiated noise EMC pre-compliance testing and generating defined field strengths. It is characterized from 30 MHz to 1 GHz and has a directional pattern similar to a dipole.

The TBMA1 comes in a solid beech wood case, together with a “pistol-grip” tripod. A standard ¼” thread makes it easy to connect it to most standard tripods. The elements are corrosion resistant and constructively locked against rotation. They are fed via a wideband balun with 2 W power handling capability. Furthermore they are protected against build-up of static charge

Data Sheet



30 MHz – 1000MHz

Nominal impedance:

50 Ω

Maximum continuous input RF power:

2 W


N type female


1:2 transformer + 1:1 balun

Isotropic gain

-42.15 … 1.78 dBi

Antenna factor:

16.30 … 41.91 dB/m

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Max

< 2.8


0.46 kg (1.01 lbs)

Tripod Adapter Thread Size: 


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