Teseq CDN 3083-S100

Rent 3-Phase 100 Amp Surge CDN
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  • Coupler for Surge to IEC 61000-4-5
  • Max 100 Amps 690 V AC or 620 V DC
  • Manual Coupler for NSG 3060 or NSG 3040
  • Includes two SCU for ANSI Coupling
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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Included Accessories

  • CDN 3083-S100  N-L1 Surge Decoupling Network (installed)
  •  CDN 3083-S100 L2-L3 Surge Decoupling Network (installed)
  •  (2) INA 3080 Surge Coupling Units (installed)
  •  INA 3084 Sync Unit (installed)
  •  (2) Copper Earth Rails (installed)
  •  (2) Fischer to Fischer Cables CDN to NSG 1meter
  •   Fischer to Fischer Cable 40 cm
  •   Isolated Allen Key
  •   Printed Manual CDN 3083-S100
  •   Laminated Quick Guide
  •  Laminated Coupling Method Sheet
  •  Calibration Documents
  •  Case 41"X26"X30"
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Designed for convenient use in a wide variety of test environments, the CDN 3083-S100 can be placed on the floor or tabletop, or may be mounted on a wall in an EMC laboratory or development workshop. Since high current couplers must often be taken to remote test sites, the CDN 3083-S100 can be easily disassembled into handy modules for moving. The unit is fi tted with wheels and brakes for use on ramps or uneven surfaces.

Currents over 100 A per phase are allowed for short test periods. The CDN 3083-S100 is designed to withstand frequently encountered inrush currents and, in extreme cases, can be overstressed until the internal environment has reached the maximum temperature. Rugged connection terminals, as well as a solid housing are featured to ensure safe, reliable operation. The CDN 3083-S100 is tested for safety in compliance with IEC 61010.

 Surge levels up to 8 kV / 4 kA with 1.2 / 50 μs combination wave can be coupled by the CDN 3083-S100. EUT supply voltages of up to 620 V rms or 620 VDC at 100 A are supported. The CDN 3083-S100is designed for simple and safe manual operation. All symmetrical and asymmetrical coupling modes of IEC / EN 61000-4-5 and ANSI C62.41 are supported by the CDN 3083-S100.

EUT voltage
620 VAC RMS L-to-L (max. 440 V for NSG 3040 and Modula)
620 VAC RMS L-to-PE (max. 440 V for NSG 3040 and Modula)
620 VDC
EUT current
100 A continuous
The maximum permissible current is given by the heat dissipated in the coupler. As the temperature is monitored, the CDN 3083-S100 can be heavily overloaded until the temperature reaches 70 C
Pulse voltages / current
Max. 8 kV / 4 kA
Screw terminals, rated for 230 A
Earth terminal
850 x 520 x 345 mm
80 kg approx.
Surge connector
Fischer 105 series
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