Wavecontrol WPH-DC

Rent DC - 40 kHz H-Field Probe
  • Magnetic Field Measurement (H Field) Probe
  • DC to 40kHz Continuous Frequency Range
  • Static and Time-variable Field Measurements
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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The Wavecontrol WPH-DC field probe is designed for use with the SMP2 meter for H-field/Magnetic field measurement up to 40kHz. This probe with the meter provides both Static and time-variable fields as well as Isotropic & True RMS measurements. This probe can be rented individually or with a meter for a complete test system.

Sensor Type
Triaxial Hall sensor
Frequency range
0 - 40 kHz
Measurement range
10 uT - 10 T
< 50 nT
< 5 uT
20 T
Dynamic range
> 120 dB
273 x 21 (mm) - Sensor stick 9.4 (mm)
Video Guides
Wavecontrol SMP2 Field Meter System Video Guide