EMC Partner CN-BT7 - EMC Partner Injection Probe 500VAC

AVI3000 Injection Probe:

  • Large aperture 5.5 x 8cm & 30cm Length
  • Rented With EMC Partner AVI3000 System
  • Simplified Test setup, Less Operator Intervention
  • Can be Used for All 6 Waveforms

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The CN-BT7 made by EMC Partner is a large aperture injection probe designed for use with the AVI3000 for all 6 waveforms. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. It also offers  Quick and easy monitor of voltage and current impulses and Test on short cable runs from 40cm. It can only be rented with the AVI3000 test system by EMC Partner.

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 Common Standards

RTCA DO-160 Sec. 22 Level 3 and MIL-STD-461 CS117 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A, and 6.

Turn ratio


EUT voltage max

500 V AC or DC

EUT current max.

16 A / 800 Hz (when testing WF2) 32 A / 400 Hz (when testing WF2) 32 A / 800 Hz (when testing all other WFs) 426 A / 50-60 Hz (when testing all other WFs)

Couplers/All Accessories 

AVI3000 Full Accessory/Coupler List
Item Capabilities
CN-BT7 Coupling transformer used with WF1, WF2, WF3, WF5A, WF6. Aperture 6 x 9cm. Application: For Cable Bundle testing

Voltage coupling transformer used with WF4. Application: For Cable Bundle testing only. Ground Injection is fully integrated into AVI3000.


Line Impedance Stabilization Network for cable bundle and ground injection tests. For AC and DC up to 32A. Three phase power systems require two units. Application: To provide a defined system impedance for impulse tests according to DO160 section 22.

I-PROBE-MS High bandwidth current transducer. Clamp-on type with large opening. Application measurement of current amplitudes for WF1, WF5A and WF5B in the EUT cables in accordance with the DO160 section 22.

High bandwidth current waveform transducer. Opens to cause minimum disruption to the circuit under test. Application: To measure the current waveform and amplitude for WF2 and WF3 in the EUT cable in accordance with DO160 section 22.


V-PROBE-SI. Differential voltage measurement probe. AC/DC rating up to 7000V. Transient rating up to 7000V. Probe factor x 1000. Bandwidth 70MHz


0.1 ω shunt with SHV-BNC connector for direct measurement of current impulses on AVI3000 and CN-BT7

Coupling Devices



coupling device for AVI3000 / cable induction

Suitable for waveforms

WF1, WF2, WF3, WF5A, WF6

Turn ratio

1 : 1

EUT voltage max

500 V AC or DC

EUT current max.

16 A / 800 Hz (when testing WF2) 32 A / 400 Hz (when testing WF2) 32 A / 800 Hz (when testing all other WFs) 426 A / 50-60 Hz (when testing all other WFs)




MIL-STD-461G CS117, DO-160G S22, other


injection probe for WF4, WF5A (voltage) in cable induction mode

Test level WF4 (CI)

max. 600 V with AVI3000

Test level WF5A (CI)

max. 600 V with AVI3000

EUT supply

max. 130 A @ 50-60 Hz with AVI3000 max. 20 A @ 400 Hz with AVI3000 max. 10 A @ 400 Hz with AVI3000


6 x 12 cm


53 x 65 x 50 cm


190 kg

For generators

AVI3000, MIG0600MS, MIG0618SS


connection cables

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