KeyTek EMC Pro Plus - Rent Thermo Transient Generator

Thermo Scientific EMC Pro Plus:

  • 6kV Surge & Ringwave, 4.4kV EFT, & Dips System
  • Built-in CDN 250V/16Amps AC & 100V/10Amps DC
  • Upgraded Units & Optional Telecom Capabilities 
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time
  • Rent CDN, CCLs, & Data Line Couplers 

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EMCPro Plus - Testing Accessories



The EMCPro PLUS is an advanced EMC immunity test system developed by Thermo in response to manufacturers’ demands for a mid-range, low cost, multi-capability test system. The EMCPro PLUS is easily configured to meet today’s immunity standards required for CE Marking and compliance requirements. In addition, EMCPro PLUS capabilities go well beyond the required test levels for the CE Mark

The EMCPro PLUS performs compliance level testing requirements for IEC, UL, ANSI, ETSI and beyond.

Users may operate the EMCPro PLUS via Thermo’s easy to use Windows-based PC software, CEWare, or from the front panel. CEWare provides simple, straightforward pre-programmed test sequences ideal for the novice user; yet is sophisticated enough to allow an advanced user to develop and save custom test sequences for future testing.

Users may configure the EMCPro PLUS from a single test capability to up to seven capabilities in a single unit. When test requirements change, or as standards evolve, upgrading is a simple matter of adding appropriate options or accessories offered by Thermo to their current EMCPro PLUS.

One System, One Vendor, One Solution.

The EMCPro PLUS system offers the highest test levels and the widest selection of testing capabilities in a low-cost complete system solution.

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Common Standards

EN/IEC 61000-4-4, EN/IEC 61000-4-5, EN/IEC 61000-4-11,

EN/IEC 61000-4-12, CEMark, ANSI IEEE C62.41 cat. B

Integrated CDN:


  AC Voltage and Current              

50-250 VAC, 16A max AC @250V

  DC Voltage and Current

100 VDC max, 10A max to 100V, 16A max to 48V

EFT Burst 5/50ns:



IEC 61000-4-4, ed.3

  Voltage Waveform into 50Ω load

5ns Rise Time +/-1.5ns,  50µs pulse width +/-15ns

  Voltage Waveform into 1000Ω load

5ns Rise Time +/-1.5ns,  50µs pulse width +/-15ns

  Voltage Amplitude

+/- 125V – 2kV into 50Ω, +/-240-4kV into 1000Ω

  Burst Duration

15ms+/- 3ms@5kHz, .75ms +/- .15ms @100kHz

  Burst Period

300ms +/- 60ms


1-100 kHz, in .5k Hz steps, +/- 10%

Combination Wave Surge:



IEC 61000-4-5 ed. 3, EN 61000-4-5, ANSI C62.41.2 Cat A& B, UL 1449 ed. 3 sec. 37, ANSI C62.45

  Open Circuit Voltage Waveform

1.2µs Front Time +/- 30%,  50µs Duration +/- 20%

  Short Circuit Current Waveform

8µ Front Time +/- 20%, 20µs Duration +/- 20%

  Peak Open Circuit Voltage

250V–6kV +/- 10% @2 Ω,  20.8-500A +/- 10%@12 Ω

  Peak Short Circuit Current

125A–3kA +/-10%@2 Ω, 20.8-500A +/-10%@12Ω

  Pulse Repetition Rate

2 pulses/min @6kV

100 kHz Ringwave:



IEC 61000-4-12, EN 61000-4-12, ANSI C62.41.2 Cat A& B,   ANSI C62.45

  Open Circuit Voltage Waveform

100kHz Damped Cosine, risetime=.5µs+/-30%,

Damping= 40%/peak

  Peak Open Circuit Voltage

250V–6kV +/- 10% @12 Ω or @ 30 Ω

  Peak Short Circuit Current

200A +/-10%@30 Ωohms,500A +/-10%@12 Ω

  Pulse Repetition Rate

Up to 2 pulses /min@6kV

Telecom 10x700:

Optional – can only have Ringwave or Telecom


IEC 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-5, TIA-968-B, ITU k.44, k.45.

  Open Circuit Voltage Waveform

10µs Front Time +/- 30%, 700µs Duration +/- 20%

  Short Circuit Current Waveform

5µ Front Time +/- 20%, 320µs Duration +/- 20%

  Peak Open Circuit Voltage

250V–6kV +/- 10% @15 Ω or @40 Ω

  Peak Short Circuit Current

6.25-150A +/-10%@40 ohms – external 25Ω

  Repetition Rate

1 impulse per min @ 6kV

Dips and Interrupts:



IEC 61000-4-11, Ed.2

  Voltage Dips:

40%, 70%, 80% residual voltage +/-5%

  Short Interrupts

0% residual voltage +/-5%

  Transition Time

Risetime, falltime ≥1µs & ≤5µs

  Input Voltage/Current

50-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A Max.


39kg, 85 pounds


23 x 43 x 65 cm, 8 x 17x26 inches

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