Teseq CN T8-DC - Rent Data Line DC Coupling Network

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Teseq DC Coupling Network:

  • DC 4 Pair CN for IEC 61000-4-16
  • RJ45 Connectors (EU & AE ports)
  • Rented with Common Mode Test System
  • Current ISO 17025 Calibration


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Coupling network for DC common mode testing onto 4 pairs with RJ45 connector.

Data Sheet


Frequency range: DC

Line parameters: 

4 pairs

Connector (EUT and AE port):




PoE: no
Power ratings (EUT and AE port)  

AC max. voltage (line to ground):

DC max. voltage (line to ground):

DC max. voltage (pair to pair):

 63 V (RF port open)

100 V (RF port open)

dependent on test level

Current max.:

Test voltage:

Isolation voltage (EUT to AE):

200 mA (line)

200 V DC, 2 s

1500 Vrms

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