Teseq CDN 500 - Rent ISO 7637-3 Capacitive Coupling Clamp

Teseq Capacitive Clamp:

  • Compliant for ISO 7637-3 Testing
  • Length of Clamp 1000 mm
  • 50 Ohm BNC Connectors 
  • Commonly Rented with Teseq NSG 5500

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The coupling clamp CDN 500 is manufactured exactly in accordance with the drawings and specifi cations of ISO 7637-3 for capacitively coupling the transients onto cables and wiring harnesses. With its characteristic impedance of 50 Ω , the CDN 500 coupling clamp is connected to the generator via a coaxial cable and terminated on the far side with a 50 Ω load resistor. A suitable terminating load is available as an accessory under the type number INA 5030, which also provides a measurement output via a 40 dB attenuator. The coupling clamp will accept ribbon cables as well as round cables of up to 40 mm diameter. The effective coupling capacitance depends on the cross section and the material of the cable used; a typical value being around 100 pF.

Data Sheet Automotive Electrical Disturbances


Typical coupling capacitance

100 pF approx. (200 pF max.)

Active length

1000 mm (39.4”)

Diameter of round cables

40 mm (1.6”) max

Breakdown voltage

>500 V

Characteristic impedance

50 Ω ±10%


50 Ω BNC (1 each side)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1300 x 300 x 106 mm (51.2 x 11.8 x 4.2”)


11.5 kg (25 lbs) approx


Brass with plated surface; coupling panel with roller hinges for precise positioning

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