Teseq PA 5840-300

Rent 100 Amp Battery Simulator
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  • -15 to +60 Volts 100 Amps Continuous
  • High Bandwidth up to 150 kHz
  • 300 Amp Inrush Current Capability
  • Four Quadrant Operation
  • Typically Used with Teseq NSG 5500

Included Accessories

  • Battery Simulator
  • Key to start the PA 5840
  • Power supply cable to Control
  • Interlock Connected to Power Stage 2
  • Cable Control In to Power Stage 1
  • Mains to Control Unit Cable
  • 2pcs 600V 32 Red Adapter Connectors
  • Mennekes 32A Power Cable
  • INA 5232 100 A DC Cable
  • Calbration Documentation
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Battery simulators replace the vehicle battery in the test environment. These sources must fulfill various criteria concerning power rating, voltage, slew rate, impedance, etc. depending on the particular application. Bipolar current sources are specified for in several cases. Pulse 2b, pulse 4, sine wave noise and other complex simulations are realm of the PA 5740. Of course the amplifier is also perfectly suited for ISO 7637 compliant simulated conducted transient testing.

Offering combinations of features that exist in no other battery simulator, the PA 5740 series is the right product at the right price for your EMC needs. Designed specifically for automotive EMC testing, Teseq’s 42 V ready amplifier sets the pace for automotive battery simulation including features necessary for automotive immunity testing such as sense wires for cable voltage drop compensation and several operating modes for stability with complex automotive load

Output Voltage
Negative 15V to Positive 60V
Output Current
0A to 100A continuous
Peak Current
300A for max. 200ms
Rise Time
<3us depending on output mode
Supply Voltage
3 ph 200/400 V +/- 10%
290 kg / 780 lb
700x600x1300 mm /27.6x23.6x51.2 inches
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