Teseq PA 5840-75

Rent 25 Amp Battery Simulator
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  • -15 to +60 Volts 25 Amps Continuous
  • High Bandwidth up to 150 kHz
  • 75 Amps Inrush Current Capability
  • Four Quadrant Operation
  • Typically Used with Teseq NSG 5500

Included Accessories

  • Battery Simulator
  • Key to start the PA 5840
  • Power supply cable to Control
  • Interlock Connected to Power Stage 2
  • Cable Control In to Power Stage 1
  • Mains to Control Unit Cable
  • 2pcs 600V 32 Red Adapter Connectors
  • Mennekes 32A Power Cable
  • INA 5232 100 A DC Cable
  • Calbration Documentation
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The PA 5840 range of battery simulators are high performance power amplifiers providing a stable and rugged power source for laboratory applications. The amplifiers have been designed specifically to simulate battery supplies such as 12, 24 and 42 V vehicle electrical systems. They may be used on their own or integrated with the Teseq Automotive EMC Test System consisting of NSG 5000, NSG 5200, NSG 5500, NSG 5600 (hereafter referred to as NSG 5000 series) and AutoStar Software. The amplifiers are offered in three frame sizes with nominal output currents of 75, 150 and 300 A (peak values).

Designed to meet EMC immunity testing requirements for the automotive industry. Applicable standards include: IS0 7637, IS0 16750, JASO D001, MIL-STD461E, SAE J1113 as well as automobile manufacturer specifications.

Types of testing include supply voltage variations, dips and drops, ISO pulses 2b and 4, load dump pulse, starting profiles, power cycling, battery recovery, reset behavior, fuel pump transient, conducted sine waves, ground shift, jump start and over voltage, as well as providing a programmable DUT power source during all phases of testing.

Output Voltage
Negative 15V to Positive 60V
Output Current
0A to 25A continuous
Peak Current
75A for max. 200ms
Rise Time
<3us depending on output mode
Supply Voltage
1 ph 100, 120, 230V +/- 10%
100 kg / 220 lb
700x560x720 mm /27.5x22x28.3 inches
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