Solar 8282 Rental - Transient Susceptibility MIL-STD-461 CS06

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Transient Pulse Generator:

  • 600 V peak amplitude 0.15, 5.0 &10.0 µS spikes
  • Adjustable Pulse Position on AC Power Lines
  • Compliant MIL-STD-461 Method CS06 of MIL-STD-462.
  • Single Pulse Feature, Allows Controlled Isolation of Transients
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

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The 8282 by Solar Electronics spike generator up to 600v for conducted transient susceptibility testing providing three different spike duration's 0.15 µS, 5.0 µS, and 10.0 µS into low source impedance. Our military immunity test rental includes an A2LA accredited calibration included in the EMC rental equipment price. 

This Military EMC Rental Test Generator this product has two sets of output terminals allow either parallel or series injection into the power line. Series injection is used on AC lines. Parallel injection is used on DC lines. The output winding used for series injection can carry 25 A of power current. The output terminals are isolated from the chassis and the power cord.

The Solar 8282 is designed to meet MIL-STD-461 CS06 (NEMA TS2) provides all the waveshapes required by MIL-STD-461 and many other military EMI specifications. All functions are selected by push buttons which are lighted when activated. This product is not designed to test for RTCA/DO-160G Section 17 or MIL-STD-461F CS106.

Data SheetUser Manual


Common Standards

MIL-STD-461 CS06


Adjustable Peak Amplitude

Up to 600V for 0.15 µS, 5.0µS and 10.0 µS into 5ohm non-inductive load

Repetition Time

Manually adjustable up to 50 p.p.s. for all pulse durations

Wave Shape

Pulse shape approximates the curve of  figure 1 in MIL  STD 462

Phase Adjustment

Pulse position adjustable from 0° to 360° periodically on 50,60 or 400 Hz sine wave

Internal Impedance

Less the 0.5 ohms for 0.15µS, less than 2.0 ohms for 5.0µS, less than 1.0 ohm for 10.0µS


11.3kg, 25 pounds


22.22cm x43.82cm x 33.02cm (18.75” x 13” x 17.25”)

Packing List/Accessories

Included with Rental Of Solar 8282

Below you will find a list of common accessories that you can expect to be delivered with the equipment. This is a generic standard list and should you require an exact connector or accessory please contact us prior to order shipping. A detailed list of these can be found on the "All Accessories" tab. 



    • Transient Generator
    • Power Cord
    • Printed Manual
    • Calibration Documentation 
    • Case


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