Thermo Keytek ECAT E103

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  • Required to use ECAT Modules 
  • Firmware Updates Provided Upon Request
  • Additional Sections can be Added
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Rent and buy the E103 by Thermo Scientific, part of the 100 series control centers required for the operation of the ECAT testing system. This computer control has easy to use interface with LCD screen and keyboard entry system. This control center allows for multiple bay attachments for additional testing capabilities.   

This system comes with a single bay, software, and fibercom box and cable for connection to a computer. This series of module is the latest model of the series of control units produced by Thermo Keytek. This module has the advantage over the rest of the E100 series of providing surge V&I monitoring ports.

The ECAT test control center does not include any networks or other modules. The E103 system facilitates testing for a variety of modules and module combinations. This cost effective solution is in excellent working conduction and software can acquired with purchase.

E103 Controller
Virtual Front Panel Control
8 x 40 character keyboard entry and LCD display
FiberCom Fiber-optic Interface and Control System
Uses ECAT software for full computer control of ECAT test equipment
Surge V and I Monitor Ports
For waveform monitoring with an external (user-supplied oscilloscope) at 1kV/V and 200A/V;V & I signals suppled from optional AC Coupler/decoupler or ECAT modules/options
Input Voltage
100V to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Typical Input Current
3.5A @ 100V; 1.5A @ 240V
15.6 kg , 55 lbs
58.42 X 23.18 X 13.97 cm, 23 X 17 X 5 1/2 inches