EM Test CN 200N1 - LF Audio Transformer Assembly Rental

LF Audio Transformer Assembly:

  • Frequency Response 10 Hz to 250 kHz
  • Ideal for Avionic, Automotive, & Military Tests
  • Secondary Saturation 50 A per Transformer
  • Configurable on primary/secondary; serial, parallel, single
  • Typically Rented with EM Test NetWave

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The CN 200N1 is a standalone coupling network unifying two audio transformers being individually configurable for various test requirements (e.g. Ford FMC1278, German Lloyd GL VI-7-2 and SAE J1113-2). The CN 200N1 is used to apply the test signals to the lines under test via an audio transformer to perform ripple voltage tests and continuous or transient conducted immunity tests. Data Sheet



Frequency response

10 Hz - 250 kHz

Audio power

200 W

Secondary saturation

Max. 50 A AC or DC

Turns ratio

2:1 step down



Primary configuration

Single, series or parallel connection

Secondary configuration

Single or parallel (with 0.5 ohm, 250 W load)


Primary connectors

4 mm safety lab connectors

Secondary connectors

High current safety connectors



19", 3 HU (395 mm x 449 mm x 133 mm)


Approx. 24 kg


passive cooling


10°C - 40°C

Rel. humidity

Max. 85%, non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure

86 kPa (860 mbar) to 106 kPa (1 060 mbar)


Below is a list of common standards for Harmonics & Flicker Tester:

  • BMW GS 95023
  • Chrysler CS-11809 (2009)
  • DaimlerChrysler DC-10615
  • DO 160 Section 16
  • DO 160 Section 18
  • Ford FMC1278
  • GLloyd VI-7-2
  • ISO 11452-10
  • Jaguar EMC-CS-2010JLR V1.1 (2011-01)
  • Jaguar JLR-EMC-CS V1.0 Amd 4
  • LV 123 
  • MIL STD 461 G CS 101
  • MIL STD 461 G CS 109
  • MIL-STD-704
  • Mitsubishi ES-X82115
  • SAE J1113-2
  • Tata TST/TS/WI/257
  • VW 80300 
  • VW 80303

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