EM Test AutoWave

Rent 2 Channel Waveform Generator
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  • 2-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Dual-Processor-Technology, 500kS/s sample rate
  • Library of Standard Test Routines
  • Includes Laptop with autowave.control Software
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Included Accessories

  • EM Test Autowave Serial#
  • Printed Manual 
  • Calibration Documentation
  • Short Introduction
  • Software on USB 
  • Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Back Interlock/Keeper
  • BNC Cord 
  • Shipping Case
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Battery simulation becomes more and more of an issue in today´s automotive testing. Waveforms are getting more and more complex. Standardized single phenomena like cranking are still tested but real-life signals are of even higher interest for testing full vehicles or parts of it under real conditions. Common arbitrary generators often fail in testing these requirements especially if iterations of various test parameters within one test are required.

The AutoWave unifies a 4-channel arbitrary generator and a 2-channel transient wave recorder in a small and handy unit. The AutoWave is best of generating and recording any kind of waveform in the automotive area.

Output Voltage
10V, unipolar or bipolar
Output Channels
2 Channels
16 Bit
DC - 50 kHz
DC Voltage, Sine wave, Sine wave sweep, Square wave, Triangular wave, Sawtooth wave, Ramp up/ Ramp down, Exponential wave
Segment Duration
Number of Segments
100 per waveform
6kg (13.22lbs)
100mm x 380mm x 390mm
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