Rohde & Schwarz ENV4200 - Rent 50µH 200Amp 690VAC LISN

Rohde & Schwarz 50μH 200 Amp LISN:

  • 50 µH || 50 Ω 150 kHz - 30 MHz  
  • Maximum: 200 Amps 690 VAC 
  • V-Network for CISPR, ANSI, & FCC Part 15
  • Built-in 10dB Pad and Pulse Limiter
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

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The R&S®ENV4200 200 A four-line V-network meets the requirements of CISPR 16‑1‑2, EN 55016-1-2, ANSI C63.4 and FCC Part 15 for V-networks with an impedance of 50 μH || 50 Ω in the frequency range from 150 kHz to 30 MHz. It is used for measuring RFI voltages on AC and DC supply connections of EUTs carrying very high currents. It is based on air-core inductances and contains an artificial hand and a pulse limiter.

The maximum continuous current on all four connectors is typically 100 A with the fans switched off and 200 A with the fans switched on. If the built-in power supply is used
and the internal temperature limit of +50 °C is exceeded, the fans automatically switch on. If the upper limit of +150 °C is exceeded, the LED will turn red and a warning tone will be heard. For connection to the supply network and to the EUT, the R&S®ENV4200 V‑network comes with an all-insulated connector system from Multi-Contact. Cable sockets with sufficient current-carrying capacity are included.

The permissible AC operating voltage is 400 V (voltage to neutral in a three-phase system). This corresponds to a delta voltage of 690 V. The permissible DC operating
voltage is 690 V. The phase of the V-network can be manually selected via a front panel switch or automatically via TTL control inputs that are compatible with the latest Rohde & Schwarz test receivers.

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Common Standards

CISPR 16-1-2

Frequency Range:

150 kHz – 30 MHz

AMN impedance:

50 µH || 50 Ω

Maximum continuous current:

4x 200 A

Maximum voltage when using option 400/700 V

400 VAC 50/60 Hz

800 VDC


CISPR 16-1-2

Connector for supply:

Wing terminals 12 mm, removable

Connector for EuT:

Wing terminals 12 mm, removable


~30 kg

Dimensions housing incl. wing terminals (WxHxD):

448 mm x 383 mm x 605 mm

Connector to EMI receiver:

BNC socket, 50 Ω

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