EM Test NetWave Rental - 7.5 kVA AC/DC Programmable Power Supply

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EM Test Programmable Power Source:

  • Model NetWave 7.3: Includes Built-in Transformer
  • Max Single Phase 360 Volts AC, 500 Volts DC 
  • Includes Laptop with Software for Military & Avionics  
  • Includes F-Box 1 & L-Box 1-32A
  • Rental Includes Current ISO 17025 Calibration 


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The NetWave series (1-phase) are single phase AC/DC power sources, specifically designed to meet the requirements as per the standards IEC/EN 61000-4-13, -4-14 and -4-28. Used as a DC power source it covers the requirements as per the standards IEC/EN 61000-4-17 (Ripple on DC) and IEC/EN 61000-4-29 for voltage dips and interruptions on DC supplies. With its low distortion and high stability, even if supplying dynamic loads, the NetWave series guarantees full compliant measurements for harmonics and flicker testing as per IEC/EN 61000-3-2,-3-3, -3-11 and -3-12 as well as JIS C 61000-3-2.The NetWave series is well suited for testing inverters (e.g. solar power, wind power) and e-vehicles.
Additionally, the NetWave series (1-phase) offers the necessary capabilities for avionics testing as per DO-160, Airbus ABD0100 and Boeing as well as per MIL-STD-704.
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Model : NetWave 7.3

Multifunctional AC/DC source, 7,500 VA AC / 9,000 W DC, with built-in isolation transformer required to perform tests as per aircraft (DO-160, Airbus and Boeing) and military (MIL-STD-704) standards

Output voltage

0 V - 360 VAC (RMS)

0 V - +/-500 VDC

Output current *

26 A (RMS) continuous

47 A (RMS) short-term (max. 3 s)

200 A repetitive peak

*(@max. 300 VAC, 360 VDC)

SourceAC mode

Extended trigger functions

Segment "Step

Ramping of voltage and/or frequency in constant time windows



  Number of Lines


  Output Voltage AC (V) (p-n)


  Output Voltage DC (V)


 Output Power AC (kVA)


 Output Power DC (kW)


 Output Current continuous (A) 1) 


  Output Current short term (max. 3s) (A) 1)


  Ouput Current repetitive peak (A) 1)


 Bandwidth (kHz)


  Output frequency

DC - 5,000 Hz

  Frequency accuracy

100 ppm

  DC offset with AC signal

<20 mV with linear load

  Phase accuracy

Resolution 1°

  Output noise

< 50 V : 110 mV rms > 50 V : 320 mV rms + 0.02% of set value

  Slew rate

8 V/us



  Voltage sense

Internal or external, 4 wires

  Distortion (THD)

Less than 0.5 %, @50/60 Hz

 Output voltage stability

Better than 0.1 %

 Output voltage accuracy

Better than 0.5 %

 Max. compensable drop on wire

5 % of V nominal.

 Current limiter f<75 Hz

2 A to Imax for (NetWave 3)

5 A to Imax for (NetWave 7.x)

Stop / Current limiter

Trigger & Monitoring



2 inputs, 2 outputs

  DUT monitors

2 inputs, configurable

Waveform Generator

  Segment types DC

DC, Ramp, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Step, Sine, Sine sweep, Sine ramp, Damped sinewave, Sine ripple, Profile, Square sweep, Noise, Sine Dwell, Sinc, Harmonic, Exponent ..

 Segment types AC

Sine, Modulation, Sine sweep, Sweep on Sine, Sine up/down, Overswing, Sine offset, Sine Dip, Sine switching, Harmonic, Interharmonic, Interharmonic step, Harmonic distortion ...

 Segment duration


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