Teseq NSG 5500 - Rental Automotive Transient Generator

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Teseq Automotive Transient Generator:

  • Single Unit Solution with PA 5840 (up to 100Amps)
  • Rental Includes Laptop and AutoStar Software
  • Transient Generator Based on ISO 7637-2/3 Pulses
  • Can be Rented with or without Battery Simulator 
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

Modules in NSG 5500-1:

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NSG 5500 Video Guides

Teseq NSG 5500 & PA 5840 - Test System Overview

This video includes the setup of the Teseq automotive transient test system including connections to get the system operational and use of the AutoStar 7 software to modify pulses.

Teseq NSG 5500 / NSG 5600

This video provided by Teseq, the manufacturer of the NSG 5500 test systems, provides system information and a brief overview of capabilities of the control software.

Data SheetUser ManualBrochure - Electrical Disturbances


The compact and modular NSG 5500 solution offers the generators necessary for tests with capacitive discharge pulsed interference as called for by ISO, SAE, DIN and JASO, and others. The established test specifi cations for passenger cars together with the new standards for commercial vehicles published by these international and other bodies are fully covered, as are the most company-specifi c standards from vehicle manufacturers. Based on our exclusive Gemini technology, Teseq offers the most flexible and upgradeable system to protect the users’ investment.

NSG 5500 system. This compact mainframe houses the common system components and accommodates the standard pulse generators. All testing is available from one output connector. An electronic switch to connect and disconnect the battery supply is in-corporated in the NSG 5500. Additional inputs and outputs are located on the rear panel for test execution control purposes and the monitoring of error signals, oscilloscope triggers, gate start/stop commands, etc. Overall control is via a PC running AutoStar™ under Windows.

NSG 5500 modules. The NSG 5500 offers unprecedented flexibility for transient testing. Teseq has designed a solution with various transients in one modular and upgradeable chassis. The basic ISO 7637 tests for pulse 1, 2a, 3, 5, 6 and 7 and variants are integrated into the same chassis. Optional pulse 4 and pulse 2b control is available, however, use with the NSG 5600 offers several benefits over this budget solution. Additionally, when standards change, as they do every year, the NSG 5500 system may be upgraded with different modules when necessary so that your new and old modules may both be retained, either exchanged with new modules or loaded into an optional expansion chassis. Based on our exclusive technology, Teseq offers the most flexible and upgradeable system in the world to protect the users’ investment in test equipment.

All NSG 5500 generators are calibrated in accord-ance with ISO 7637-2:2004 or manufacturer-specifi c standards. Teseq continues to maintain back-wards compatibility and yet push the state of the art for EMC immunity testing


Common Standards

SAE J1113ISO 7637, ISO 16750GMW3172 and many other car manufacturer standards

MT 5511

Generates ISO 7637 waveforms 1, 2a and 6

Test Voltage


Rise Time

1us ,2us, 3us, 60us

Pulse Duration

50us – 400us

Source Impedance

2, 4, 10, 20, 30, 50, 90 Ω 

Pulse Intervals

.2 – 60 seconds

LD 5550

Generates ISO 7637 waveforms 5a, 5b

Test Voltage

20V – 200V


10V – 100V


.5 – 10 Ω, 30.5 Ω, 40 Ω

Pulse Rise Time

.09 to 10 ms

Pulse Duration

30-1500ms in 1 ms steps

Pulse Repetition

15-600s, pulse repetition depends on pulse energy

Pulse Modes

Single, continuous, programmed t1 to 9,999

FT 5531

Generates ISO 7637 waveforms 3a, 3b

Pulse Amplitude – 150ns pulse

50-800V EUT / 50-600V BNC

Pulse Amplitude – 100ns pulse



50 Ω

Pulse Rise Time

5 ns

Pulse Width

150 ns / 100 ns

Pulse Frequency

1 – 100 Khz

Burst Interval

0.01 to 99.9 ms

Pulses per burst

1 – 200

Burst Repetition

90 ms – 99.9 s in 10 ms steps


20kg (44.09lbs)


19”x 13”x20”   48x33x51 cm

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