Teseq SME HV-AN 150 - AN Shielded Metal Enclosure

Teseq Shielded Enclosure:

  • Designed for use with Teseq HV-AN 150
  • Compliant to HV CISPR 12/25 & ISO 7637-4
  • Rented with Pair of HV-AN 150 LISN/AN
  • Includes EXT 10uF Capacitor for MIL-STD
  • Current ISO 17025 Calibration Included

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The shielded metal enclosure (SME) is designed to contain two High Voltage Artificial Networks, HV-AN 150 according to ISO/DTS 7637-4 and the HV part of CISPR 12 (draft), CISPR 25, ECE No. 10 R05/06 and ISO 11452-1. It is applicable to all electrical vehicles, i.e., battery, hybrid or plugin electric vehicle. The design of the SME HV-AN 150 allows easy handling when connecting the coaxial HV + and HV lines to the HV-AN.

The cable shield is contacted over a large area through the massive terminals. The inner conductor is strain-relieved by the cable gland and led to the connections of the HV-AN. The SME HV-AN 150 allows the two individual HV AN-150 to be directly connected to the ground plane and allows access to each HV AN. In addition to the box, the scope of delivery of the SME HV-AN 150 includes two RF cables and two connection brackets. The HV-AN 150, the calibration option and the external 10 μF for RTCA/DO-160G must be ordered separately

Data Sheet


Common Standards

HV: CISPR 12, CISPR 25, ISO/DTS 7637-4, ISO 11452-1

Connectors front panel

2 x N (female)

Weight (empty) 21 kg (approx.)

Weight (with 2x HV-AN 150)

31 kg (approx.)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

480 x 413 x 225 mm

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