Schwarzbeck NNHV 8123-200

Rent 5uH 200 Amp DC LISN
  • Max 1000 V/200 A DC or 700 V/200 A AC
  • Includes HVSE 8600 Shielded Enclosure
  • 5uH LISN in Accordance with CISPR 25
  • Includes Opt. -200 and KA 8126D Wing Terminal
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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The main application of the unsymmetrical single path AMN (artificial mains network) NNHV 8123-200 is the measurement of interference voltage for electromobility purposes according to CISPR 25 edition 4 or BMW GS 95025-1 in the HF-VHF range 0.1 MHz – 150 MHz utilizing shielded cables. It can also be used for BCI tests using an external 50 Ω termination. The impedance characteristics are basically realized by connecting an inductor in parallel with the input impedance of the measurement receiver: 5 µH || 50 Ω.

The LISN has been designed to be installed into a shielded housing HVSE 8600 in pairs. Each NNHV 8123-200 can be used to measure one single path. To be able to measure HV+ and HV- 2 units are required. The device under test has to be connected to the terminal at the front panel. The supply voltage has to be connected at the back panel. The shield is connected to the HVSE 8600 feedthrough.

The device under test may drain a continuous current of 200 A and for a short period of time it may even drain more than 280 A.

Frequency Range:
100 kHz - 150 MHz
Max. con. current:
200 A
Max. current (limited time):
280 A
Max. voltage DC:
1000 V
Max. voltage 50/60 Hz:
400 V
Max. voltage 400 Hz:
300 V
(5 uH + 1 Ohm) || 50 Ohms +/-10 %
Resistance of coil:
< 5 m Ohm
Impedance at 50Hz:
4.2 m Ohm
Impedance at 400 Hz:
wing terminals, 7 mm
RF output:
BNC (optional N)
width x height x depth
160 mm x 165 mm x 210 mm