Teseq HV-AN 150

Rent 5uH 150 Amp LISN/Artificial Network
  • Max 1000 V/150 A DC or 500 V/150 A AC
  • HV Compliant to ISO 7637-4 & CISPR 25
  • Jumpers Provide LISN Path Configuration
  • EXT 10uF Adapter for DO-160 & MIL-STD
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Included Accessories

  • (2) HV-AN 150
  • Black Jumpers
  • Shipping Case 
  • SME HV-AN Metal Enclosure
  • EXT 10uF Capacitors
  • (4) L Brackets Bolts & Washers
  • (2) N to N 12inch Cables
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Teseq’s 5 µH artificial network HV-AN 150 covers several applications and standards in the Automotive, Airborne and MIL range. It offers the right solution for both high current and high voltage EUTs and can be housed for having a shielded box as proposed in CISPR 12 (draft), CISPR 25, ECE No. 10 R05/R06 and ISO/DTS 7637-4.

The high voltage artificial network is designed for conducted emission tests and line termination during susceptibility tests for components. The HV-AN 150 is ideal for use in automotive, military and airborne standards applications. Thanks to its jumper settings, Teseq’s HV-AN 150 offers a universal solution that covers the traditional way of testing as performed in CISPR 25, ISO 11452-1, ISO 7637-2, MIL-STD-461F and DO 160G. The combination of two networks in a shielded box enables the testing of shielded high voltage connections as seen in standard CISPR 12 (draft), CISPR 25, ECE No. 10 R05/R06 and ISO/DTS 7637-4. The shielded metal enclosure SME HV-AN 150 is designed to contain two HV-AN 150.

The distortion signals to be measured will be delivered to the coaxial output of the model HV-AN 150. The measuring instrument is connected to this coaxial output which has an impedance of 50 Ω. Any suitable measuring receiver with 50 Ω input impedance can be used to perform the measurement, provided its frequency range and sensitivity is compatible. To protect the input circuit of the receiver from transients or pulses with high amplitudes an additional voltage limiter may required

Frequency range
100 kHz to 100 MHz (max. 200 MHz)
Inductance - Adjustable
5 uH 47.6 Ohms +/- 20% (magnitude)
5 uH 50 Ohm +/- 10% (magnitude)
5 uH 49.5 Ohms +/- 20% (magnitude)
5 uH + 1 Ohm || 47.6 Ohms +/- 20% (magnitude) +/- 11.5 deg (phase)
5 uH || 49.5 Ohms +/- 20% (magnitude) 100 kHz to 150 MHz,
AC max. voltage:
500 V
DC max. voltage:
1000 V
Current max.:
150 A, 60 min (Unit Dependent some 200Amps)
Test voltage:
1500 VDC, 2 s
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