EM Test AN 200N100 - 5uH Artificial Network/LISN 100Amps

DC Artificial Network/LISN:

  • 1kV DC/250V AC 100Amps Continuous 
  • AN: 5uH over 100kHz-125MHz Frequency
  • ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-4, & CISPR 25 Compliant
  • Ideal for Filter and Conducted Emissions Tests
  • Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohm


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DC Artificial Network/LISN

      • 1kV DC/250V AC 100Amps Continuous 
      • ISO 17025 Calibration Included 
      • ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-4, & CISPR 25 Compliant
      • Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
      • AN: 5uH over 100kHz-125MHz



The EM TEST single-line Artificial Networks, type AN200N100 series, are used for the simulation of the impedance of the wiring harness particularly for testing the interference voltage in HF-VHF-area in the battery supply system (e.g. in the automotive, aerospace and military area). They are designed to meet the specifications as per CISPR 25, ISO 11452-4 or ISO 7637-2 and CISPR 16-1-2

User Manual


Common Standards

ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-4, CISPR 25, CISPR 16-1-2

Max operating voltage

1000V DC / 250V AC (up to 1kHz)

Max. operating current

Max. peak current

100A continuous



50 Ohm║ 5 μH + 1 Ohm +/- 10%

Frequency range

100 kHz ... 125 MHz


5 μH (Air core)

Insertion loss

< 3 dB DUT to receiver output

Coupling capacitor

0,1 μF


Multi Contact
- 6mm High-current connector up to 100A
- 4mm banana safety lab connector up tor 32A

BNC plug

for 50Ω terminating resistor or measuring device (in parallel with 22kΩ)


318mm x 126mm x 122mm (LxWxH)

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