Teseq CBA 1G-300B

Rent 300 W 80 MHz - 1 GHz Amplifier
  • 80 MHz - 1 GHz 300 Watts Psat (min)
  • 250 Watts Power P1dB (min)
  • Class A Operation & Front Panel Display
  • Built-in Calibrated Directional Coupler
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New, high power density, design has allowed us to produce a 300 watt 80MHz to 1GHz amplifier in a compact 4U package. With a minimum of 250 watts of linear power this amplifier is ideal for RF immunity testing to various industry standards such as IEC61000-4-3, MIL-STD 461, ISO11452 and RTCA DO160. Compatible with a wide range of available antenna such as the Teseq CBL range and test systems such as the Teseq NSG4070 and ITS 6006 these amplifiers can be easily built into integrated test systems. The touch screen colour display gives an immediate visual indication of forward and reverse power along with the current operating status of the amplifier and access to diagnostic information such as gate current and heatsink temperature.

Fan speed adjusts depending on the heatsink temperature thus ensuring the minimum audio noise level possible in the operating environment. The inbuilt calibrated directional coupler provides a quick and easy way to monitor forward and reflected power with any power meter. Input over-drive protection prevents damage to the input devices due to accidental high input power. Multiple remote interfaces are available as standard including USB, GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet. Amplifier gain can be controlled either remotely through one of the available interfaces or via the front panel touch screen.

80 MHz to 1 GHz
Saturated Power
300 Watts (minimum)
Power at P1 dB
250 Watts (minimum)
55 dB
Gain Flatness
+/-3 dB (maximum)