EM Test VDS 200Q50 - Rental EM Test Battery Simulator

50Amp Voltage Drop Simulator:

  • DC Power Supply Dips/Int - ISO 7637: 2b & 4
  • Voltage up to 80V & 50A Easily Integrated Into Setup
  • Pre-programmed Test Routines & Software Included
  • Can be Rented with EM Test Autowave for OEM Pulses
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time


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VDS 200N Accessories/Associated Products


50Amp 4-Quadrant Voltage Drop Simulator

      • DC Power Supply Dips/Int - ISO 7637: 2b & 4
      • Laptop & ISO 17025 Calibration Included
      • Max current & Voltage: 50Amp / 80Volts 
      • Independent Test Generator - Single Unit Solution
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • High Bandwidth up to 250 kHz & Fast rise time
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing! 


The EM Test VDS200Q series of automotive batter supply/voltage drop simulator provides testing capabilities for a variety of standards including ISO 7637. This series provides provides a diverse set waveforms recommended by both international and manufacturer standards. We offer rentals of both the 15amp (VDS 200N15) and 30amp (VDS 200N30) test solutions which can be used independently or integrated into an EM Test 200 series automotive immunity setup. This piece of test equipment comes with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration and a laptop with software installed, providing a quick solution.


Data Sheet User Manual Application Note - LV 124


Common Standards

ISO 7637-2 pulses 2b and 4, ISO 16750, GMW3172 and many others

Output Voltage

- 20 Volts to +80 Volts

Output Current

0A – 50A, continuous

Peak Current

150 A for 200 ms

Frequency Range

DC to 150 kHz full signal

Supply Voltage

3-phase 200/500V +/- 10% (L1, L2, L3, PE)


275 kg 


19"/25 HU*)



4- quadrant, Bipolar operation

Source impedance

Zi = Programmable <10mohm, 10-200mOhm selectable

Current limiter

3x Imax: allows an inrush current of three times nominal current for 200 ms before the current limiter starts 3x ictrl: allows an inrush current of three times the programmed current for 200 ms before the current limiter starts Peak OFF: no inrush current above the set current value (not available for VDS 200Q10)


STD: DC - 40 kHz

HF: DC - >=150 kHz

CAP: DC - 3kHz

Output rise time

UR <10 mVp-p, frequency min. 400 Hz


Analog In




Automatic release of the events


Manual release of a single pulse


External release of a single pulse


DUT Supply +/-

Safety laboratory or high current connectors

Ext. trigger

5-15V TTL; BNC connector

CRO Trigger

5V TTL-signal for oscilloscope


DC source

Max. 60V; current depending on VDS 200N model


Sine Wave Sweep

Sine Wave (Cranking)

Clipped Load Dump

Jump Start


GM 9105P Pulse 4

Drop and Jump pulse

Standard Test routines

ISO 7637, Pulses 2b and 4 ISO 16750-2 Jaso Test 1


Service, Setup, Self test


Serial interfaxe


Parallel interface

IEEE 488, addresses 1 - 30

Remote control

To connect an external signal generator (10kohm): 0-10V / 0-50kHz max. 0.5V(p-p) / 0-100kHz

Packing List/Accessories

Included with Rental

Below you will find a list of common accessories that you can expect to be delivered with the equipment. This is a generic standard list and should you require an exact connector or accessory please contact us prior to order shipping. The laptop that comes with the battery supply generator also come with ISO control software allowing for a quick, turnkey solution.


VDS 200Q

    • Battery Simulator/Generator  
    • Power Cable
    • USB Interface Cable
    • Printed Manual
    • Calibration Documentation 
    • Short Introduction
    • USB Drive with License & Software
    • 125V Plug
    • (2) MC Connector Cable (red & black)
    • (2) Clamps Red & Black
    • Red Shipping Case

VDS 200Q Series

VDS 200Q Series


VDS 200Q10

Voltage Drop Simulator, 60V/10A
VSD 200Q25.2 Voltage Drop Simulator, 80V/25A

VDS 200Q50.2

Voltage Drop Simulator, 80V/50A

VDS 200Q100.2

Voltage Drop Simulator, 80V/100A

VDS 200Q150.2

Voltage Drop Simulator, 80V/150A

VDS 200Q200.2

Voltage Drop Simulator, 80V/200A



EM Test - Automotive Conducted Immunity Generators


Description: This video provides an overview on the EM Test conducted immunity test system. The three major components of this automotive EMC test equipment are the LD 200N, UCS 200N, and VDS 200N. This video provides and overview of these test systems including, ISO 7637-2 waveforms covered, accessories that come with equipment, setup, connecting all equipment, and troubleshooting. It also, provides insight into how to setup the software to allow remote testing to be conducted through laptop.



Widely Used Standards

  •  Audi (Reference vehicles)
  • BMW - (Airbag ECU)
  • BMW 600 13.0 (Part 1)
  • BMW 600 13.0 (Part 2)
  • BMW GS 95002 (2010)
  • BMW GS 95003-2
  • BMW GS 95024-2-1
  • ISO 21848:2005
  • ISO 14982
  • ISO 16750-2
  • ISO 7637-2:2004
  • ISO 7637-2:2011
  • LV 124
  • LV 148
  • MBN LV 124-1
  • SAE J1113-11
  • SAE J1113-11 (rev.2000)
  • SAE J1113-11 (rev.2007)
  • VW 80000

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