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Biconical Antenna SAS-544 - FrontBiconical Antenna SAS-544 - Side
SAS-544 Biconical Antenna Rental - 20MHz-300MHz
  • 20MHz to 300MHz; 300 Watt Continuous Limit  
  • Max Radiated Field 20V/m, Antenna Factor 6-21 dB
  • Ideal for Lower Band of IEC 61000-4-3
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EFG-3B E-Field/Billboard Antenna - With StandEFG-3B E-Field/Billboard Antenna - Front
E-Field/Reflective Antenna Rental - EFG-3 2000 Watts
  • 2000 Watt Continuous CW Input Maximum
  • 10kHz to 220 MHz, 50Ohm Impedance 
  • Designed for Intensive Testing DUT <1/2 Meter 
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ETS-Lindgren 3142E - Front SideETS-Lindgren 3142E - Front
ETS-Lindgren 3142E BiConiLog Antenna 30 MHz - 6 GHz
  • 30 MHz to 6 GHz; Average 2:1 VSWR > 50 MHz
  • Emissions & Immunity Testing (IEC 61000-4-3)
  • Can be Rented with Tripod & Other Accessories
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TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Front SideTekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Front
TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Rental Emissions Antenna
  • 30MHz 1GHz Biconical Pre-Compliance Antenna
  • Small, Lightweight Device, & Includes Tripod
  • Typically Rented with Probes & Analyzer for Emissions
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ETS-Lindgren HI-6006 - Side FrontETS-Lindgren HI-6006 - Back
ETS-Lindgren HI-6006 E-field probe 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Frequency: 100kHz -6GHz, Range .5-800 V/m
  • CW & FM Measurements & Plug and Play Software
  • Field Verification per EN/IEC 61000-4-3 Requirements 
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Antenna Tripod/Stand ATU-510 - Collapsed Antenna Tripod/Stand ATU-510 - Connector Head
Rent AH Systems ATU-510 Antenna Wood Tripod/Stand
  • Rugged Maple Wood Adjustable Tripod 
  • Standard 1/4-20 Mounting Thread
  • Reversible Legs: Rubber Feet & Spike Tips 
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Wavecontrol SMP2 Meter - Front SideWavecontrol SMP2 Meter - Upright Front
Wavecontrol SMP2 Field Meter- Rent EMF Measurement Equipment
  • EMF Meter/Control System up to 60GHz
  • Can be used with any Wavecontrol Probes
  • Includes Software & Cables for Remote Control
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Wavecontrol WPH-DC - FrontWavecontrol WPH-DC - Top
Wavecontrol WPH-DC Field Probe- Rent DC-40 kHz H-Field Probe
  • DC to 40kHz Magnetic Field Probe (H Field)
  • Static and Time-variable Fields Measurements
  • Isotropic & True RMS measurement (with SMP2)
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Wavecontrol WSNA0001 Tripod & Probe - FrontWavecontrol WSNA0001 Tripod - Side
Wavecontrol WSNA0001 Tripod - Wood Non-Reflective Tripod
  • Ideal for Vertical & Lateral Field Measurements
  • Rents with E/H-Field Probe or Equipment 
  • Includes Wooden Tripod & Lateral Extension 
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Siglent SRF5030T Probes - Out of CaseSiglent SRF5030T Probes - Case Front
Siglent SRF5030T Probes - Rent Near Field (H&E) Probes
  • 300kHz-3GHz Near Field Probe Set (H&E)
  • Ideal for Identifying Radiated EMI Noise
  • Typically Rented wtih Spectrum Analyzer
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Wavecontrol WP400 - FrontWavecontrol WP400 - Flat
Wavecontrol WP400 Field Probe- Rent 1Hz-400kHz H/E-Field Probe
  • 1Hz to 400kHz Magnetic & Electric Field Probe
  • Can Measure High V/m Levels (<100kV/m)
  • Isotropic & True RMS measurement (with SMP2)
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Wavecontrol WPF18 Probe - Front
Wavecontrol WPF18 Field Probe- Rent 300kHz-18GHz E-Field Probe
  •  300KHz to 18GHz Electric Field Probe
  • High Sensitivity .5V/m & Max 1000 V/m CW
  • Used with Wavecontrol SMP2 Meter
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