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Conducted RF Immunity Test Systems - EMI Rentals

RF Conducted Systems

Complete testing effectively with easy-to-use test systems that include built-in signal generators, amplifiers, and power meters. Our test systems are capable of all major RF test methods including BCI, CDNs, and EM Clamps.

Bulk Current Injection (BCI Method)

Rent RF Current Injection Probes and Fixtures for BCI immunity testing to ISO 11452-4, IEC 61000-4-6, and MIL-STD-461/DO-160.

CDNs & EM Clamp Equipment

Get fast deliveries on a variety of electromagnetic (EM clamps) and coupling decoupling networks (CDNs) designed for compliant testing to IEC 61000-4-6 & others!

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CDN-M5/32A - Side
EM Test CDN M5-32A - Rent RF CDN 3-Phase 400VAC/32A
  • Conducted RF CDN 3-Phase 400VAC/32A  
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CDN-S15 - Side
EM Test CDN S15 - Rent 15 Shielded Line RF CDN
  • 15Pin/Line Conducted RF CDN
  • Ideal for IEC 610000-4-6 compliance
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CDN-M325E - Side
CDN-M325E Rental - Com-Powr Three-Line 25Amp Per Line
  • Conducted RF 25Amp Three-Line CDN
  • Ideal for Testing to IEC 61000-4-6
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Fischer F-120-6A - Front LabelFischer F-120-6A - Open
Fischer F-120-6A - BCI Probe 10kHz-400MHz 100CW
  • Fischer BCI Probe10kHz–400MHz 100CW 
  • FCC-BCICF-1 Calibration Fixture  
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Fischer F-120-9A - FrontFischer F-120-9A - Open
F-120-9A Fischer 10kHz-230MHz - Clamp-on Injection Probe
  • Fischer BCI Probe10kHz–230MHz 125CW 
  • FCC-BCICF-4 Calibration Fixture  
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Teseq PCJ 9201B - SideTeseq PCJ 9201B - Top
Teseq PCJ 9201- Calibration Fixture/Jig BCI Testing
  • Teseq CIP 9136A Calibration Fixture
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Fischer FCC-MPCF-3 - Calibration Fixture/Jig BCI Testing
Fischer FCC-MPCF-3 - Calibration Fixture/Jig BCI Testing
  • Calibration Fixture F-33-2 & F-33-1 Probes
  • Typically Required for BCI Testing
  • Rented with Fischer Current Probe or System
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Fischer FCC-MPCF-1 - Calibration Fixture/Jig BCI Testing
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Transient Emissions Set ISO 7637-2 EM Test
Transient Emissions Set ISO 7637-2 EM Test
  • Transient Emissions Test Set ISO 7637-2
  • Current ISO 17025 Calibration Included
  • Includes: AN 100N100 & RS-Box
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TekBox TBCP2-CAL - Front SideTekBox TBCP2-CAL - Front
TekBox TBCP2-CAL - Calibration Fixture 32mm
  • Calibration Fixture Designed for TBCP-2
  • Designed for Diameter (Inside) 32mm Probes  
  • Rented with TBCP-2 for Vetification
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Schwarzbeck NNBM 8124-200 - Pair Front
Schwarzbeck NNBM 8124 - 5uH 200Amp DC Automotive LISN
  • 5µH ANs/LISNs 200Amps/1kV DC
  • Rented in Sets of Two Units
  • Compliant to CISPR 25 & ISO 7637-2
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