Teseq INA 6502 - Rent Automatic Dips Transformer

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Teseq Dips Transformer:

  • 1-Phase Dips & Interruptions Transformer 
  • Max Current 16Amps (Nominal) & 250Volts 
  • Designed for Teseq NSG 3060/NSG 3040 Generators
  • Fixed taps 0%, 40 %,70% and 80% of Nominal

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The automatic step transformer type INA 6502 is a standard accessory for the Teseq’s NSG 3000 instrumentation series. It enables the ac power supply voltage, which is fed to the EUT, to be set to 0%, 40%, 70% or 80% of UIN under program control.

The INA 6502 complies with the requirements of EN/IEC 61000-4-11 for voltage dips and undervoltages. A large number of product standard specifi cations can be fully met as they do not ask for continuous and arbitrary voltage variations.

The device is connected to the NSG 3000 series generator via the system cable and is fully embedded in the confi guration management concept, the software control and the report mechanism.

The voltage steps, UVAR, are programmed as a percentage of the power line voltage over the touch screen menu or by means of the WIN 3000 remote control software. The updated version of WIN 3000 includes preprogrammed tests using the INA 6502 for the basic standard.

A circuit breaker is incorporated into the housing of the INA 6502. This allows the on/off switching of the power to the EUT at any moment via the user interface or automatically under program control.

The step transformer is designed into a sturdy aluminum housing fi tted with convenient handles. In applications the INA 6502 can be used in any position and may even be placed under the test bench if the space on the set-up becomes limited.

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Common Standards

EN/IEC 61000-4-11

Voltage Dips:

0, 40%, 70%, 80% residual voltage ±5%

Short Interrupts

0% residual voltage ±5%

Transition Time

Risetime, falltime ≥1µs & ≤5µs

Input Voltage

50-250VAC, 50/60Hz

Input Current

16 A rms at 100% output,

20 A rms at 80% output for 5 s

23 A rms at 70% output for 3 s

40 A rms at 40% ouput for 3 s


15 kg, 33 pounds


46x20x16 cm, 18x8x6 inches

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