Schwarzbeck HVSE 8600

Automotive Shielded Enclosure
  • Designed for use with NNHV 8123-200
  • Compliant to HV CISPR 25 & BMW GS 95025-1
  • Rented with set of NNHV 8123-200 LISNs

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The HVSE 8600 Shielded Enclosure was designed to increase the shielding effectiveness of automotive LISN significantly, which is necessary for measurements of electric- or hybrid vehicles. The aluminium housing is equipped with three quick fasteners and gas springs, allowing to open or close the box within a few seconds. Additionally front- and backpanel come with a unique quicklock system to accelerate the mounting of the shielded HV-cables.

Connections front panel:
4 x N female RF HV+, RF HV-, 2 x AUX (e.g. for Current Clamp)
Connections back panel:
HV+, HV-
24 kg
Dimensions (inside):
480 x 635 x 250 mm
Overall dimensions:
505 x 650 x 290 mm
Shielding Effectiveness:
typ. > 100 dB
Suitable for the following LISN types:
NNHV 8123, NNHV 8123-200, NNHV 8123-400