EM Test MN-CIP 9136 - Rent Impedance Matching Network

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EM Test Matching Network

  • Impedance Network to Achieve Pulse Requirements
  • Used with the EM Test UCS 200N Series
  • Used for Slow Transient Pulse 2A Injection
  • Rented with Teseq CIP 9136A ICC Test Kit

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ISO 7637-3 Related Equipment



The MN-CIP 9136 is an Impedance matching network for ICC testing as per ISO 7637-3 and VW TL 81000 using the CIP 9136 BCI probe of TESEQ. The matching network is individually adjusted to the BCI probe - Input connector: F-103 socket - Output connector: N(male) Including 1x 0.4m and 1x 1m coaxial cable.

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