Keysight AC6804B - Front
Keysight AC6804B - Back

Keysight AC6804B - Rent 4 kVA AC & DC Power Supply

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Engineer reliability into your designs with a new basic AC source alternative from Keysight and test with confidence that your products will perform as designed. Maximize your uptime with the new Keysight Technologies, Inc. AC6800B Series basic AC power sources, and test your devices with confidence your products will perform as designed – even if voltage from the AC power grid is fluctuating or you are facing extreme inrush current or transient spikes. screen LCD or remote control through standard LAN, USB, GPIB and RS232 interfaces.



Output Phase 


Maximum output power

4000 VA

AC Output Mode

Voltage Ranges (low/high range)

155 Vrms/310 Vrms

Maximum rms current (low/high range)

40 A/20 A

40 to 500 Hz

DC Output Mode

Voltage ranges (low/high range)

219 V/438 V

Maximum current (low/high range)

32 A/16 A

Power capacity

3200 W

Input Rating 

Nominal input rating

100 to 120 Vrms/200 to 240 Vrms, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, single-phase

Input voltage range

90 to 132 Vrms/180 to 264 Vrms (auto detected when the power is turned on)

Input frequency range

47 Hz to 63 Hz

Input current

64 A/32 A or less (at 100 V/200 V)

53.6 A/28.0 A or less (at 120 V/230 V)


Dimensions (Depth includes Barrier Block Safety Cover)

429 x 262 x 613.5 mm 16.9 x 10.3 x 24.2”


Approx. 31 kg (68.34 lb)

Input terminal

M6 terminal block

Output terminal

M6 terminal block