ECAT E508 - Front
ECAT E508 - Side

Thermo Keytek ECAT E508

10 x 360 µs Telecom Surge Module
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  • 10x360µs Waveform Generator
  • Provides 50 Volts to 1100 Volt Levels
  • Test Solution GR-1089-CORE
  • Must be used with E103 Control Unit
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The ECAT E508 module made by Thermo Fisher Scientific / Keytek is designed for Immunity testing to a variety of standards having telecom 10x360µs waveform requirements. This Thermo Fisher Scientific EMC immunity test equipment comes with free technical support included with the rental. The ECAT E 508 plug-in module requires the ECAT E103 control unit for use.

This Thermo Fisher Scientific / Keytek EMC Test Equipment provides single port testing and allows changing tests modes without switching off power to the equipment under test (EUT). This helps testing with the E508 to be conducted efficiently without re-initializing the EUT between tests. The ECAT E103 is required for use and both units can be rented as an ECAT E103, E506-4W, E508, & E509 Telecom EMC immunity test system. 

The ECAT E508 is designed to test GR-1089-CORE and and many other telecommunication based standards. This unit can be easily integrated with preexisting ECAT system by sliding the E508 into open bay of the ECAT E103 control unit. The E103 and E508 combination can be controlled via front panel or through computer using Keytek software.

E508 Telecom Surge Module
Open Circuit Voltage Waveform
10/360 us
Short Circuit Current Waveform
10/360 us
Peak Open Circuit Voltage
50-1100V,-0 +/- 15% in 1 voltage steps
Peak Short Circuit Current
Pulse Repetition Rate
1 shot/50 seconds
11kg,25 lb
21x42x52cm, 8x16x20 inches