Vectawave VBA400-80 - Rent 80W 10 kHz - 400 Mhz RF Amplifier

Vectawave 80 Watt RF Amplifier:

  • 10 kHz - 400 Mhz 80 Watts Psat (min)
  • 60 Watts Power P1dB (min)
  • Ideal for Higher BCI Test Levels
  • Class A Operation & Ethernet Control
  • Easily Integrated Into Exsiting Setup


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BCI & RF Immunity Equipment



The VBA400-80 is a member of our family of 10kHz – 400MHz high power amplifiers, designed primarily for EMC applications. Like all our products of the VBA400 series, it is based on rugged push-pull MOSFET technology, for extra even order harmonic suppression. The amplifier operates in class A, the benefits for EMC applications being very low distortion and tolerance of 100% mismatch. Fold-back protection is neither fitted nor needed! This makes it supremely suited for very demanding transducer requirements.

Data Sheet


Frequency Range (Instantaneous) 0.01-400MHz
Rated Output Power

80W Min (90W typical)

Output Power at 1dB Gain Compression

60W Min (70W typical)

Third Order Intercept Point (see note 1)



48dB Min

Gain variation with Frequency


Harmonics at 50W Output Power

Better than -20dBc

Output Impedance

50 Ohms



Output VSWR Tolerance (see note 2)


Input VSWR

2:1 (Max)

Supply Voltage

85-264V ac

Supply Frequency Range


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